Published On : Tue, Apr 28th, 2015

60 Tourists get rousing welcome at Nagpur Railway Station after returning safe from earthquake hit Nepal

vlcsnap-2015-04-27-18h17m09s137Nagpur: What could be more pleasurable than to return home safe and sound from perilous circumstances? Well that is how the 60 tourists who had gone on tour experienced, when they all returned safe and sound from an earthquake ravaged neighbouring country Nepal. These tourists who arrived on Monday, the April 27, 2015 by train to Nagpur Railway Station had witnessed and experienced the tremors and earthquake first hand.

These tourists received a rousing welcome at Nagpur Railway Station on their arrival safe and sound from Nepal. These tourists were garlanded and sweets were distributed by their friends and relatives with joy and happiness when they saw their relatives hale and hearty. These 60 people hailing from Nagpur had gone to Nepal as tourists to visits various tourist spots in Nepal.


One of the tourists, while relating his experience said that when earthquake hit Nepal, they were all in a bus at a spot which was just 100 kilometers from Kathmandu. As soon as the bus started shaking, the bus driver had reportedly applied the brakes and stopped the bus. All the passengers had alighted from the bus. When the passengers experienced the tremors and the earth shaking violently for around one and half minute, almost all the passengers felt that this was their last day on the earth.

The earthquake hit the spot where the bus had stopped, around 60 passengers including two kids, 45 senior citizens and the others onboard the bus. However, when their relatives, kith and kin saw them at Nagpur Railway Station, a mixed reaction of joy and emotion expressed with tears of joy flowing freely from their eyes was witnessed.