5-year-old boy dies after falling into water filled pit in Davlameti village

Nagpur: In a tragic incident, a 5-year old boy lost his life when he fell into a deep pit filled with water in Davlameti village on Monday evening. The matter came to fore when people found the floating body of the kid on Tuesday morning. The victim has been identified as Aryan Raut.

According to police, Davlameti Gram Panchayat has dug up a big pit for construction of conference hall. Aryan was playing near the hole. Suddenly he fell into the water filled pit and drowned on Monday evening. Unfortunately, there was nobody present during the incident.

After finding Aryan missing for considerable time, his parents started searching for him frantically. It was only after Aryan’s body was found floating in the pit, they came to know about the incident.

On being informed, cops reached the spot and started investigation after registering a case accidental death.