Published On : Wed, Sep 16th, 2015

5 Simple Ideas to Add New Life to a Dull Room

#1 Just a new vibrant 3D bed-sheet

Double Bed-sheets

If the interiors or the colours of your room are plain and simple, the simplest way to add life is to use such colourful and dramatic bed-sheets. The detailed design and rich graphics of these bed sheets online are sure to give a dramatic look to your bedroom.

#2 Contemporary style ready-made curtains



Along with a colourful bed-sheet, your curtains enhance the look of your drawing room. You can choose your curtains based on the pattern of your bed-sheet. If you have chosen a plain coloured bed-sheet, go for printed curtains and if the bed-sheet is printed, look for plain curtains, simple!

#3 Enough of those typical geometrical wall clocks! Time to get creative

Panache wall clock

panache-tree-with-bird-wall-clock-blackWhy is it that our wall clocks are always triangular, rectangular or circular? Give your wall a refreshingly new look with this bird wall clock. The innovative tree design crafted in wrought iron would surely compliment your walls. Brighten up your room decor with this wall clock featuring a unique design.

#4 Change to LED light

LED Bulbs combo

The normal lights in your house may be good enough but they are really bright? An LED bulb is far brighter as compared to a CFL or a regular bulb. The best part about an LED bulb is that it cuts down on your electricity bills by half.

#5 Get rid of huge furniture, let some light in

Table mate


In the age of compact rooms, even one useless piece of furniture can eat up a lot of space in your room. Get rid of that huge dining table in your drawing room and go for this smart table mate. As shown in the picture, this table mate is a stylish and compact piece of furniture that lets you read, eat and do any other activity without blocking the space of a dining table. You can also fold it when not in use.