Published On : Tue, Jun 4th, 2019

3 injured as car falls into dry nullah near Katol

Nagpur: Blinded by flashing headlights of a speeding truck, a car driver lost control and crashed his vehicle on the wall of a nullah. As a result, the car was hurled into the dry nullah injuring the driver seriously. Two other passengers also received minor injuries. The incident occurred at Dongargaon village of Katol Tehsil on Sunday night.

According to information, Bhimrao Kothiram Varthi (42), Bhimrao Ramdas Salam (37) and Rameshwar Nimbaji Umbarjhare (47) were travelling in an Indica car (MH-40/A 4772). After dropping the car owner Ramkrishna Jholaji Ganjre at Katol, the trio were going to Saoner via Savargaon. Bhimrao Varthi was driver the car.

Midway near Orange Processing Plant at Dongargaon village, the flashing headlights of a truck coming from opposite direction blinded Bhimrao. As a result, he lost control and the car crashed onto a wall of nullah with great speed. The car breached the wall and fell into dry nullah with a thud. The car was damaged considerably. Bhimrao Varthi was injured seriously and two others also suffered minor injuries.

An ambulance of Narkhed Nagar Palika reached the spot and moved the injured to a hospital. Cops are probing the matter.