Published On : Thu, May 7th, 2015

2015 Mahindra Adventure Season dates announced, Nagpur included as new Great Escape

2015-mahindra-adventure-season-5Nagpur: Mahindra & Mahindra, has announced its calendar for Season 5 Mahindra Adventure initiative with adventure and motorsports activities detailed for 2015.

Two new Great Escape events in Nagpur and Chennai have been included this year taking total number of events during the year to 10. The inclusion of Super South Drive is also added for 2015 offering adventure and off roading driving experience to a wider audience. Mahindra Spice Challenge, Monsoon Challenge besides the Time-Speed-Distance rallies will all continue to give a free rein to a sense of adventure among the sports and adventure lovers in the country.

Mahindra Adventure Season 5 calendar gets off to a flying start from 27th June to 6th July with the Monastery Escape Leg 1. Events are thenceforth planned for each month of the year right upto February 2016. Mahindra Adventure Season 5 calendar is divided into Great Escapes, Expeditions and Challenges taking the spirit of adventure to all corners of the country in a bid to showcase the stance and stamina of Mahindra vehicles.


Mahindra Adventure functions as brand under which a host of adventure and motorsports are conducted. Great Escape has been celebrated since 1996 offering off roaders a chance to put Mahindra’s 4x4s to the test in varied topographical situations. This year two new locations of Chennai and Nagpur have been added to the calendar. Other events during the year include New Multi Day Escape, Monastery Escape, Authentic Goa, Spiti Escape, Trination Escape, Authentic North East, Royal Escape, Super South and Wild Escape.


Besides these events, Mahindra Adventure also provides off-road training at the company’s Mahindra Off-Road Training Academy in Igatpuri each month. Off roading enthusiasts are offered the opportunity to learn the basics of off roading at the Academy’s 30 acre facility along with advanced technical skills and practical knowledge on Mahindra’s rugged SUVs.


Great Escapes & Off-Road Trophy Date
Shillong 30th May
Lonavala 11th July
GOA 25th July
Nagpur 8th August
Sakleshpur 29th Aug
Sakleshpur Off-road Trophy 30st Aug
Kottayam 26th Sept
Kottayam Off-road Trophy 27th Sept
Chennai 10th Oct
Hyderabad 25th Oct
Chandigarh 7th Nov
Gurgaon 12th Dec
Off-road Trophy Finals 14-15th Jan 2016


Expeditions Date
Monastery Escape Leg 1 27th June – 6th July
Authentic Goa 18th – 21st July
Monastery Escape Classic Leg 2 11th – 20th July 2015
Spiti Escape Aug 31st – 6th Sept
Trination Escape 10th – 22nd October
Authentic North East November 21st – December 1st
Royal Escape Dec 26th- 1st Jan-16
Super South Dec 26th- 1st Jan 16
Wild Escape 8th February-15th February 2016


Challenges Date
Monsoon Challenge 1st – 4th August
Spice Challenge 12th – 14th Sept