Published On : Thu, May 1st, 2014

2 deer still missing from Maharajbagh!

Lifestock Officer of Maharajbagh Zoo confirms 2 deer missing


Nagpur News: The two deer which went missing from the Maharajbagh Zoo on April 30, 2014 are still missing (at 1800 hrs) of May 1, 2014. The Lifestock Officer of Maharajbagh Zoo Mahesh Pande is reportedly told some media persons that the deer are still missing and the search is still on for them.

It could be recalled that seven deer out of 17 held in Maharajbagh Zoo had strayed out of the enclosure on April 30, 2014.

How serious are the Zoo officials can be gauged by what occurred at the Maharajbagh Zoo on April 30, 2014, when seven deer out of a total of 17 held in Maharajbagh Zoo had strayed out of the enclosure through a small opening in the fencing which had got damaged due to the in-fight among them on April 30, 2014. The employees and workers rushed and succeeded in capturing five deer, while two deer are still missing.

The Zoo employees and workers have scoured the entire area for the two missing deer till evening of April 30, 2014 but could not succeed in locating them. The Zoo authorities have summoned the forest officials to help in the search operation. A team of forest officials have reportedly reached the zoo and are searching for the missing deer in all the adjacent canals (nullah) and plots outside but all efforts seemed to be in vain.

The Zoo Controller and Associate Dean, College of Agriculture Dr. Virendra Gonge has reportedly said that the staff members of zoo were at the spot till late in the night while he deployed three more workers along with the two regular guards to keep vigil throughout night.

The search is continuing on May 1, 2014 too. The zoo would be closed for morning walkers as deer is a shy animal and would be scared by the presence of humans, making it run helter skelter and out of reach of the zoo authorities. All the 15 deer are lodged in the one portion of enclosure while the other is kept open by keeping grass, in case the missing animal returns, Dr.Gonge added.

This is said to be the first instance where a wild animal has escaped from the zoo which is located in the heart of city.