Published On : Mon, Jul 20th, 2020

11 yr old ends life over samosa in Nagpur

NAGPUR: An 11-year-old boy, just promoted to Standard VIII, committed suicide at his residence at Ganganagar on Katol Road on Sunday after being left miffed by elder brother, aged 13 years, who had taken away his samosa.

The victim learnt to have taken Rs 10 from his residence without informing parents and purchased a samosa with it. His elder brother having noticed the incident raised a hue and cry. The family belonged to weaker economic section as the victim’s father met the ends by selling vegetables.

Apart from complaining to his mother, the elder one had also wrenched the samosa from the victim and ate it up too. Upset over the samosa being snatched, the victim too had started to cry when his mother had asked him to get another one for himself.

The boy, instead of going for the second samosa, went inside the kitchen and hanged himself. His elder brother, who was studying in the adjacent room, had no inkling about the suicide. In the meantime, the mother came inside the house looking for the younger son. She was stunned to see the kitchen room locked from inside. The neighbours rushed to look into the matter after the mother raised an alarm. The boy was found hanging after the family members and neighbours forced into the kitchen.

Gittikhadan police had shifted the body for post-mortem. A case of accidental death has been registered. In another incident, 13-year-old also ended his life at residence at Anandnagar on Monday. He was the son of a police personnel in city police crime branch. A case of accidental death has been registermed at Gittikhandan police too.