Published On : Sat, Jan 11th, 2020

10 online casino games that Indians loved in 2019!

The controversy about online casinos reaching out to more people than their offline counterparts is something known to the masses. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that people over the world massively enjoy the idea of entering a casino which leads them to the star-studded world of gambling. But the question is, are there enough casinos available easily? Given that there are an immense number of alternatives that are in play when you are endeavouring to pick the best medium through which you can place your bet, most punters will choose online casino games. People can now very easily find live streamed blackjack dealers and much more within a click, bringing the gambling world even more close to them.

With trend setting innovation in the internet, one could discover and play a diverse range of casino games. That being said, when the choice comes to Indian punters and gamblers, online casinos have always been their number one option! Here are ten online casino games that Indians loved to play in 2019:

  1. Online Blackjack – Blackjack, which is one of the most famous casino games is equally favored on online platforms too. It has been noticed that Indian gamblers are highly inclined towards playing blackjack online in 2019 because of its wide scope of outcomes. It also happens to be one of the easiest casino games which can be learnt within minutes, making it even more famous amongst the crowd.


  1. Online Roulette – Roulette has gained a smooth ground in the online market amongst Indian gamblers in 2019. The most famous Roulette types – American and European – are typically the most played games too, but many other fascinating assortments have bounced up online which has grabbed the attention of many online gamblers.


  1. Online Craps – The upsides of playing craps online resemble those of playing other tables games on the internet. It has the least amount involved in bets which can be easily purchasable online. Playing online craps incessantly increased in India in 2019.


  1. Poker – The master of all casino games, Poker is one of the most cherished games of people all across the globe. It not only gains major profits for the gambler, but also leaves the gambler intrigued to know more because of the different variants of the game. Indian gamblers love playing poker, and that’s a fact. Be it in marriages, or online. Poker is a major source of entertainment for many. India has ample people who play poker on a daily basis, yet by not going to a casino, but sitting at their houses along with the computer before their faces.


  1. Slots Online – Online slots are astounding for the betting world. It gives extremely high payout extents. Online slots are heading for good things and are an immense measure of fun for Indian punters.


  1. Online Baccarat – This game found a lot of fame amongst Indian fans because of its low house edge. Baccarat is a fun game where only two major cards are used.


  1. Wheel of Fortune – Needless to say, Indians have an unknown inclination towards fortune, and luck. This is a reason why theWheel of Fortune is favored by Indian gamblers playing online, on such a massive level.


  1. Pai Gow Poker – As they call it, Poker is the master of all casino games. Not only is it famous amongst Indian gamblers, but in different countries as well. As Poker has different sorts, Pai Gow Poker happens to be favored the most by Poker players in this country.


  1. Caribbean Stud Poker – The Caribbean Stud Poker is yet another fun game for most gamblers who are trying to make money out of online casinos. This type of poker also gives a chance to the player to talk to the bookie, making him or her familiarize with the game better.


  1. Keno – Keno is a lottery game which is played in huge numbers in India. It is very interesting because the outcomes are totally different from what is being expected. It has been played by many Indian gamblers in 2019, making it even more famous amongst the crowd of the country.

It is pretty much evident that Indians love gambling be it on social occasions like annual gatherings, marriages, engagements, etc., or after entering a casino standing on the brightly lit streets of Las Vegas where the real chills of the gambling world is felt down the spine. But availing a casino every time might not seem feasible and that’s when all these online games come to play.