Published On : Wed, Aug 19th, 2015

Z P president’s office cabin in CCTV camera surveillance!

The official cabin of Nagpur Zilla Parishad president, Nisha Sawarkar, would be placed under surveillance of CCTV camera, for security reasons. Accordingly, one CCTV camera would be installed outside the cabin and two CCTV cameras inside the cabin. This being the improvement in and outside the cabin, all will have to remain cautious in terms of their attitude and behaviour as their activities would be under close watch henceforth in the ante-chamber of the ZP president.

All footage in the CCTV camera will remain safe for a month, and thereafter one by one footage will get automatically deleted. Before deletion of data the footage can be saved in hard disk. Now, all will have to observe utmost precaution while entering and coming out the cabin and also behaving with the ZP president.

What is important to note is that the CCTV camera will also keep watch on the cabin of ZP vice president, Sharad Donekar, whose cabin is situated just opposite the cabin of the president. All visitors to vice president’s cabin will also be covered by the CCTV camera of ZP president.

It may be noted that the ZP president Nisha Sawarkar belongs to BJP lobby while ZP vice president Sharad Donekar belongs to Shiv Sena lobby, and they used in loggerhead on various counts. However, when contacted on this point, ZP president said there was nothing like that. However, CCTV cameras were installed for security purpose, he added.