Published On : Wed, Aug 19th, 2015

The Millennium School held Health Checkup for students


Nagpur Today:

Thanks to the advancements of modern medicine, people around the world are living much longer lives.  But now the goal of medicine is not just to improve the longevity of life but its quality as well.

So how does one get to know more about the inner-workings of his or her own body?  Undoubtedly, the best tool we have for doing this is the periodic health check up.  With the growing appreciation of the importance of early-detection and diagnosis of illness, the periodic check up has become a central part of primary prevention health care.

The Millennium School, Nagpur held an activity for improving the physical health of the students entitled “Health is Wealth” recently with the help of NRHM (National Rural Health Mission). The basic objective of this activity was to conduct health checkups and give information to the students about how we can sustain our health and how important it is keep our body fit.


Under the guidance of Principal Sadhana Pandey the activity was conducted by Dr. Nitin Verma, (M.O., Nagpur Rural) Dr. Neha Gondane, (M.O., Nagpur Rural) who visited school campus and even carried health Checkups individually and had also given the information to the students about it and the importance of good and healthy habits to the students.

All the administrative and teacher staff also joined the activity in the same way.