Published On : Fri, Sep 5th, 2014

Yug’s tragic end leaves city parents shattered, wondering about safety of their little ones

YugNagpur News.

One the most inhumane act down the pages of Nagpur crime history – kidnapping and brutal murder of 8 year old Yug Mukesh Chandak, son of famous dentist Dr. Mukesh Chandak, has shattered the souls of hordes parents across Nagpur. The heart wrenching incident has piled up loads of worries in their minds regarding the well-being and security of their innocent wards. Especially, the parents in upper middle class and well to do names in society have developed due concerns about their children’s safety. In this big bad world full of demons, roaming scot-free and masked in the garb of humans, the fathers appeared to be more worried and mothers are getting hypertensive about whom to trust and whom not. The line between belief and myth has waned and the innermost fears of these parents burst out in the open.

Nagpur Today gets to interact with few citizens to gauge the intensity of the fears and the ways to caution, post Yug’s tragic end.


Geetanjali Buty

Geetanjali Buty, Joint Secretary, Shi Shradhanan Anathalaya said, “Firstly I feel that, in front of the workers, financial status of a family should not get disclosed, as far as it is possible… Also, the parents should not let the children get much friendly with them. Children should be taught a few code words, which is shared between them and their parents. Children should be taught to just trust their family members and no one else, though it’s a harsh reality.

But on the other hand I would even mention that arguments with servants, fights and insulting behaviour towards your employees should be avoided, as they might hold a strong grudges, and you might not have even slightest idea.

Finally, I can just make one more request to traffic police that they should take action against people who wear scarves, and look suspicious.

Gauri Zaveri

Gauri Zaveri

Gauri Javeri, a lady entrepreneur quoted, “A lot of fear has been instilled in us. We have to be extra careful now! The only thing that we ensure is, that the person whom we’re sending our children with, are trustworthy, we have their identity card, and so does our area police station. The children as well have been given standing instruction to just be with the person sent by us.

This incident also makes me say, that staff cannot be trusted fully ever! Even if the staff looking after your child is trustworthy, there should and ought to be parent supervision.”

Prashen Kaywal, a businessman added, “This is an unfortunate and sad situation that took place. Every parent is scared! They are insecure now, and worried about the safety of their children. There is a small idea, the parents and kids should share passwords. In this way, one should make sure that secretly the parents and children are communicating, even if they are not together. But anyhow, we cannot trust anybody these days.”


Aakash Madnani

Aakash Madnani, MD, Jyosh Financial Pvt. Ltd said, “There’s nothing worth mentioning about this grievous incident. It’s incredibly shocking. My eyes were wet. I’m really sad that the society has reached to this level. The psychology and support system to these people needs to be worked upon! If I’m in Norway or Netherlands, there are less psychologically challenged people. But however, in India, due to the economic deficiency and support system of society, I’m afraid the number of such criminals has increased. I really don’t have answers to such question, I feel really sad, that’s all I can say. The criminals should be hanged as soon as possible trough fast-track trials.” 


Pranay Tidke

Pranay Tidke, MD, Aroma said, “As a parent of my only daughter, this incident has frightened me, as well as my family about the security of kids. I pray for the kid whom we lost, and also for his family to be able to cope up strongly.

Parents should start educating their children, about what to do what not to do, while with strangers. In this kind of situation, there’s always a scope, that the criminal is a very known person. One should not disclose their financial conditions, in any ways, to their staff. Such crimes are not just related to greed for money, but psychology and grudges of the criminals as well. A lot of people are unaware, that one can place the bio-data and identity proofs of their employees just for record in the area police station. Such steps should strictly be followed by the mass. I would now, never hire any such employee whom I don’t know, or who has come through no reference!”


Shaily Gambhir

Shaily Gambhir, a housewife pointed out a few things saying, “And here I add to the horrible incident just took place…An innocent life has already been lost and that is an irreplaceable loss for the family in grief…Please show humanity and matureness and lets instead all try and find out a way in which such cases are never repeated again.

I would suggest…

– Parents tell their children not to trust and go with anyone without a confirmation telephone call to their parents or some elder of the family.

–  All residences and neighbours please be aware of their own children as well as their neighbouring kids. Inform the family in case of any suspicion or doubt. Never mind if it’s a false alarm… At the child will be safe.

– Perpetrators of such crimes should be punished and dealt with very severely and immediately in public …so that there be a scare in the minds before they commit anything.”

– Ritu Walia