Published On : Tue, Nov 25th, 2014

Youth resorts to deadly stunt on car, posts pic on facebook! Will traffic cops act tough?

unnamedNagpur : As they say, rules are meant to be broken, city youths appears to be riding high on this quote… quite carelessly though! So much so, that they did not even mind risking their own lives while taking the traffic rules for a ride. While jumping signals, erratic overtakes and riding full speed are some of daring acts that city youths appear to be getting involved in, this one certainly belongs to different and dangerous types. What makes these so called city riders so inclined towards committing such brazen acts? Well, the answer is simple – to get quick fame and become a celebrity buddy among friends and social networking circles.

Browsing through facebook updates, one of the Nagpur Today correspondents happened to land on a page that tells the curious case of a crazy youth who went multiple steps ahead in a staking his claim to fame through this short cut route.

Shown as Honey Hemnani in his facebook profile, this youth has posted this photograph in which he is sitting on the rear end of a moving car, posing with cool expressions. Hemnani who has put his profession as DJ, is seen resting on the dickey of the car, which was probably passing through Sitabuldi flyover sometime in the night.

Gauging the pose of Hemnani and given the car’s slippery surface, any slight error or movement over this fast moving sedan could have taken tragic turn.

Traffic rules suggest any such offence not committed before the traffic cop could not be labeled as offence but the cops can act upon receiving the complaint with adequate proof.

Well we have not one but two – one is the act of this guy which is posing threat not only to his life but also serving as distraction to other commuters driving past this vehicle. Secondly the photograph also shows another violation as the fancy number plate is used on the vehicle. The registration number of this car is MH 31 EB 4141.

Nagpur Today appeals the traffic authorities to act tough against such elements who resort to such daring acts. This action will also set an example before similar other youths who indulge in such devil-may-care-attitude.