Published On : Sat, Aug 17th, 2013

Youth fakes crime to land in jail for meals!


An unidentified youth turned up Sakkardara police station at about in the wee hours of Saturday and sent police into tizzy by faking a crime. He told that he had thrown his friend into Sakkardara Lake. Police called up diver Jagadish Khare to spot and retrieve “body” of the youth. He relentlessly struggled for three hours to trace the body but could not find it. Actually there was no body at all…

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Nagpur News.

A starving and fanatic youth, who had a fight with his mother, went to such an extent to arrange for two square meals that he claimed responsibility for the crime which did not happened at all.  He informed Sakkardara Police Station that he had thrown a youth into Sakkardara Lake.

However, before the drama could be exposed, the Sakkardara police went through the 3 hours of tense moments as the ace diver Jagadish Khare could not find body of the “youth” despite trying hard for three hours. Sakkardara police arrested the “dramatist” youth.

According to police, the unidentified youth came to the police station at about 5 am on August 17. After coming to police station, the youth sent police into tizzy by staging a drama that he had thrown his friend into the Sakkardara Lake. Police immediately called the diver Khare who struggled for three hours to trace the body but could not find it. The failure to trace body not only puzzled the police but also baffled the ace diver Jagadish Khare. The “fooled” police were keeping an eye on the surrounding area of the lake. They even barred the nearby citizens from coming to the lake area. Police were taking the incident very seriously.

However, everything went calm and normal when the fanatic and starving youth revealed the truth to API Salunke of Sakkardar police. Now, focus is on the future course of action the police take against the youth who put them on their toes for three hours.