Published On : Mon, May 12th, 2014

Youth Congress protests harassment of poor patients by Super Speciality Hospital doctors

Nagpur News: Nagpur City Youth Congress under the leadership of its President Bunty Shelke and South Nagpur General Secretary Kunal Puri on Monday (May 12) strongly protested the “irrelevant” replies of Dean of Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) Dr Rajaram Pawar and Dr Sudhir Gupta of Super Speciality Hospital (SSH). They raised slogans against these authorities and SSH Administration for the replies they filed in respect of memorandums submitted to them stating poor medical services.

“Several poor patients are being forced to purchase vital medicines from open market despite these medicines available in these two hospitals particularly the SSH doctors. The General Secretary of Youth Congress (South Nagpur) Kunal Puri and President Bunty Shelke raised questions over this unforgivable fact since the past three months. However, instead of stopping the ill practice and harassment of poor patients, Dean Dr Rajaram Pawar and other authorities are filing irrelevant replies to our memorandums in this regard. The Dean has tried to defend Dr Sudhir Gupta of SSH. We condemn this attitude of Dr Pawar and Dr Gupta. The City Youth Congress has decided to stage indefinite chain hunger strike in front of Super Speciality Hospital in support of poor patients on Tuesday (May 13),” a press release issued by City Youth Congress said.

Others who were present in today’s protests include Andaj Waghmare, Ritesh Soni, Nilesh Chandrikapure, Vishal Sakhre, Chandu Mahurle, Chetan Thool, Nilesh Patil, Suraj Chaukikar, Swapnil Bawankar, Nilesh Deshbhratar, Anil George, Pappu Shrawan, Vikas Bokde, Anurag Gulkunde, Tushar Gaurkhede.