Published On : Sat, Mar 25th, 2017

Youth Congress asks citizens not to pay exorbitant bills of SNDL

Nagpur: SNDL which has created a mess in power supply on Saturday faced a “Hallabol” protest staged by Nagpur Loksabha Yuvak Congress. The protest was directed towards exorbitant hike in electricity bills being trust on consumers residing in Shivaji Nagar, Bhuteshwar Nagar, Chitnavis Nagar of Prabhag 18. To top of this ‘bill torture’, the recovery squad of SNDL has left the consumers traumatised by their nasty actions. In the name of illegal connections and power thefts, the SNDL squad is interfering in the lives of citizens brazenly. Bearing this harassment of consumers in mind, the activists of Nagpur Loksabha Yuvak Congress, led by its President Bunty Shelke, staged a protest at office of SNDL.

However, when the activists and harassed citizens went to the SNDL office, not a single responsible official was present in the SNDL office. Enraged by the absence, Bunty Shelke, who got elected as Corporator from Prabhag 18 in the just-concluded NMC poll, publicly appealed the consumers not to pay the hiked bills of SNDL. Addressing the protestors, Shelke exposed the shoddy working style of SNDL. “The SNDL squads descend at people’s doorsteps at odd hours and threaten them of action. According to Electricity Act 2003, the officials can visit the residences of consumers during certain fixed time and check meters. However, the arrogant SNDL officials visit at wee hours and dole out threats to consumers on the pretext of meter checking. Moreover, the visiting squad officials refuse to show their authorised identity cards. If the SNDL officials continue to harass citizens in future, an intensified agitation would be launched against them,” Shelke warned. In the same breath, he appealed the consumers not to pay exorbitant bills issued by SNDL.

The activists who participated in the ‘Hallabol’ protest include Rajendra Thakre, Prashant Tannerwar, Aniket Samudre, Fazlur Qureshi, Swapnil Dhoke, Ram Paradkar, Swapnil Bawankar, Hemant Kature, Sheikh Azhar, Shubham Choudhary, Kranti Jain, Motiram Mohadikar, Montu Mutkure, Mayur Gulpalliwar, Pranjal Kakde, and dozens of other activists.