Published On : Sat, Jun 7th, 2014

Youth Congress activists stage demos at IGGMC to seek justice for deceased Parasram Kolte

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The activists of Nagpur Youth Congress led by President Bunty Shelke and General Secretary  kunal Puri alleged that the Fact Finding Committee formed to investigate into the death of deceased Parasram Kolte who had allegedly died because of infusion of blood belonging to wrong blood group. They alleged that this was a negligence of the doctor who ordered transfusion of the blood of wrong blood group. According to Bunty Shelke, the Fact Finding Committee has not yet submitted the report nor has any action initiated against the doctor, whose negligence costed the life. Bunty Shelke alleged that the Rural Police is said to be doing a great job, but even they are afraid of taking any action against these doctors.

He wants to know if the Health Ministry and Health Minister sleeping over such a gross negligence by Doctors of IGGMC which resulted in the death of Parasram Kolte. He added that the marriage of the first daughter of Parasram was done in a grand manner; however, the marriage of the younger daughter had to be performed in the Mass Marriage Ceremony held at Chitnis Park on May 12, 2014.

Bunty Shelke also alleged that the son of the deceased Parasram Kolte, Prakash Kolte is running from pillar to post at Mayo Hospital (IGGMCH) to find out about the status of his father’s case.

According to him, the Dean of IGGMCH Dr Prakash Wakode had allegedly told that the case is looked by Dr Lanjewar and that he (Prakash) should speak to him. Dr Lanjewar is allegedly shifting the onus onto Dr Khamgaonkar and that Prakash should speak to him. Dr Khamgaonkar in turn is shifting the onus to other doctors. Each trying to put the onus onto somebody else and the ball keeps rolling.


Bunty Shelke alleged that now the water has gone over the head. He went on to add that the CT Scan Machine is operational, but the doctors and authorities earn crores in kick-backs. The patients who come here are referred to Private Doctors and in-turn earn lakhs in kick-backs.

He added that the condition and treatment meted out to those patients who come under Below Poverty Level like those with Orange coloured Ration Card, Antyodaya, Annapurna Card, Senior citizens are horrendous. Anyone will be moved to tears. The doctors of IGGMC do not inform the patients about the Government’s scheme of Blood on Call, instead they are sent to private blood bank from where these doctors allegedly get kick-backs worth lakhs of rupees. In order to fight for the justice for all these poor patients and for the justice of Parasram Kolte, the office-bearers of Lok Sabha Yuva Congress undertook a violent agitation on June 7, 2014 at around 10 am.

In an exclusive talk with Nagpur Today the Dean of Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital Dr. Prakash T Wakode, said that the incident is 2-3 months old. He acquiesced to the fact that the patient Parasram Kolte did die while undergoing treatment at IGGMC. However, he said that the matter is being investigated by the Fact-Finding-Committee and by the police. The results or the report of the Fact-Finding-Committee is not yet out. However, he also added that one cannot say for a fact that the patient died only because of the transfusion of blood of wrong type. He said that there is a thin line demarcating the error in treatment or negligence. While treating such a large number of patients, there is a possibility (stray incidents) of some doctors to commit such error in judgement.

However, he added that IGGMC is the softest target for many politicians to raise some or the other stray incident and blame the doctors of negligence.

He said that this Hospital was a civil hospital in 1949. The attitude and the manner in which this hospital is viewed is the same as it was in 1949, while the Government Medical College and Hospital was designed and developed as a Medical College and Hospital, so the attitude and viewpoint is different. He claimed that after taking charge in 2011, he has been striving to make IGGMC as one of the best hospitals offering the best services. However, in order to provide better infrastructure, better facilities and services, IGGMC has to depend on so many factors and at so many levels and bureaucracies. He added that they are functioning with limited tertiary staff (including ward-boys, attendants, operators etc). He said that the appointments for these staff have been stopped for a long time.

When Nagpur Today spoke to some patients, they said on condition of anonymity that there IGGMC campus has a dog menace nowadays. One of the patient’s relatives said that he was bitten by a rabid dog inside the campus near the casualty ward. He said that he had to take costly medicines to get treated for anti-rabies. Apart from looking after our patients, we have to look after our own treatments too.

Another patient’s relative named Salma said that at Mayo, patients have to be moved from one ward to another or from the ward to X-Ray, pathology or any other departments by ourselves and no ward boys are available to move the patients. The stretchers have to be pulled or pushed by the relatives ourselves, which is painful or troublesome for them.