Published On : Wed, Jan 19th, 2022
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Your guide to the best coworking spaces to work from: Mumbai

Coworking spaces have seen a massive increase in demand due to the changing preferences of the people. Now, not all prefer going to the office every morning and following the same monotonous routine. People now prefer to work in their comfort zone

Also, to add to the increasing demand for coworking spaces are the new startups and freelancers. They are the primary reason why the concept of coworking has become famous. This is when working in a coworking setup; it is not only cost-effective, but also one can meet people from various races of life and build a strong network. 

Mumbai is one of the economic hubs in India and has recently seen a rise in coworking spaces due to changing landscapes related to work and employment. People now prefer to work on their own as freelancers or launch a startup instead of joining companies where one has to go to the office and follow the same routine day in and day out. 

Freelancers and startups in Mumbai prefer coworking spaces because it is a cost-effective solution, and they do not have to take the hassle of maintaining the premises. In turn, they can enjoy world-class amenities as well as build a strong network that helps them to advance in their careers


Nowadays, a large number of individuals and professionals are opting for coworking culture due to the latest facilities and amenities available. There is a vast option of coworking spaces in Mumbai. Well, you can take the help of coworking space aggregator platforms like Coworkingers from where you can select and shortlist the spaces as per your requirements. For visiting their site,  click here


In this post, we will discuss a few of the top coworking spaces in Mumbai, which you can check out if you are looking for an ideal place to start your work. 

Top coworking spaces in Mumbai 

DevX Coworking Space

DevX Coworking Spaces in Mumbai offer the best working environment. Their business center is located in Andheri East, about a 2-minute walk from Chakala Metro Station. Due to its central location, it is easily accessible from the rest of Mumbai. One can easily reach this place by bus, cabs or autos. 

To complement its specific offerings for teams, the DevX Mumbai hub includes services like super-fast WiFi access, conference spaces, networking events, and 24-hour security.

DevX offers dedicated workstations and conference rooms for startups, as well as office spaces of various sizes for all types of company setups, such as a slate that is 1,000 m long or a pod that is 100 m long.

WeWork Coworking Space

This coworking space is located in Navi Mumbai and offers a fantastic ambiance for you to work. The Seawoods railway station is just a 6 mins walk away from this property. Also, the Konkan Rail Vihar bus stop is only a 5 minutes walk away from the location. 

Beautiful private offices, collaborative workplaces, and contemporary conference rooms are available on two levels at this location. 

It also has other amenities like a mother’s room, wellness room, enhanced HVAC standards, and it is dog friendly as well. 

Workcamp Coworking Space

WorkAmp Estate is housed in an old building with a mixed warehouse environment. High vaulted ceilings, carpeted floors, pinewood tables, and ergonomically designed tables and chairs are just a few of the features. Saki Vihar, which is well connected by metro, train, and road, is a hotbed for entrepreneurship. Known as Mumbai’s startup belt, the region also has a vibrant nightlife, with a number of notable pubs and cafés nearby.

Few of its amenities include parking, 24/7 Security, 24×7 access, a Smoking zone, cafeteria with a hammock, business-class printers, Inbuild Showers, and many more.  

Ikea Coworking Space

Located in Mumbai Supreme Business Park in Powai, this coworking space offers dedicated desks, private desks, private cabins, meeting rooms, and many more. It also offers world-class amenities like a cafeteria, high-speed WiFi, car parking, a lounge area, and many more. 

The Kingston bus stop is only within walking distance from the property. You can also reach this place via metro. The closest metro station to this office is Saki Naka Metro station, located at a distance of a 20 min drive. 

iKeva’s coworking spaces in Mumbai are designed to support the financial capital of India’s collaborative and independent work styles, allowing you to take advantage of the benefits of a connected economy. If you prefer a remote, collaborative, or consulting work style, shared offices are the best option. Your comfortable workstations and office spaces are placed in Grade-A buildings in the city’s well-connected nodes.

Redbrick Coworking Space in Mumbai

Redbrick Coworking Space is located in the Thane area of Mumbai. These coworking spaces offer budget-friendly options for startups, freelancers, and SMBs. This coworking place can be reached by various means of transport. The Thane railway station is 4.1 km away from the office location. You can travel on a bus to reach the location. The nearest bus stop is Ambika Nagar which is located at a distance of 110 m or a 1-minute walk. 

Overall, this working space offers various amenities like WiFi, Cafe Lounge, 24×7 access, all-day-long security, IT Support, parking, and many more. 



You can check out these top coworking spaces in Mumbai if you are looking for a place where you can work in peace and not worry much about the maintenance of the office spaces. Not only this but also these coworking spaces help in environmental sustainability as people share the resources thus, resulting in unnecessary consumption of resources. Moreover, these coworking spaces offer the best amenities and the perfect ambiance where you can work without getting distracted and being relieved of the stress, as you don’t have to worry about miscellaneous stuff. 

On an overall basis, the importance of coworking can be seen easily. The wide range of facilities available in the coworking spaces is the major reason that these establishments are becoming significantly popular. From which freelancers, startups, and SMEs are the major ones who are scaling business growth. And are looking to leverage their financial resources and boost business growth.