Published On : Sat, Sep 12th, 2015

Young doctors dilute their ‘Hippocratic Oath’ for ulterior motives, says GMCH Dean Niswade


Nagpur: Dr Abhimanyu Niswade, former Professor and Head of Paediatrics and the current Dean of Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) in Nagpur believes that MBBS is one of the best learning sciences and an effective medium to serve the humanity but today’s young doctors have certainly forgotten their Hippocratic Oath and twisted the norms to satiate their ulterior motives.

In an exclusive interview with Nagpur Today, Niswade shared his professional journey from the scratch. He said that his parents and his elder brother ensured that he did not face any financial crisis or any hardship.

Nobody wants to be a Dean!

Dean of GMCH Dr Abhimanyu Niswade said that most of the doctors and professors do not want to take up the responsibility of a Dean. While elaborating about this point, he said that recently he was among the panel of doctors selecting the dean for the Government Medical College of Chandrapur. The panel had to go all the way to the doctor in the serial number 56 according to the order of seniority. Somehow nobody wanted to become a Dean and undertake the responsibility of administration.

Why Dr Abhimanyu take up this responsibility?

While speaking to Nagpur Today, Dr Abhimanyu said that he had seen the glorious years of GMCH and then he also witnessed how it slowly decayed and crumbled down from its glorious past. It was the challenge that he undertook to reorganize, reconstruct and restore the Government Medical College and Hospital to the same glorious one it had been in the past. He wanted to also undertake supervise and ensure caretaking of Medical Education and Health Care. He claimed that Government Medical College and Hospital had one of the best, highly qualified human resources which if channelized and utilized to the optimal level can make the GMCH one of the premier medical institutions in Central India. He added that even the State and Central Government is pumping a lot of finances into the institution.

Course of Education

Dr Abhimanyu said that he hails from a remote village called Jarud in Warud Tehsil of Amravati District. He did his Primary and Secondary education. He said that what is worth noting is that this school was an agriculture school.

After finishing his Tenth standard, he came to Nagpur and took admission into Institute of Science where he passed his Higher Secondary School Certificate Examinations. He went on to do his Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) from 1971 to 1973. He stood 6th in the order of Merit in his HSSC Exams.

In 1973, he took admission in Degree in Medicine (MBBS). After his graduation in Medicine, he went on to do his Post Graduation (MD) in Paediatrics in 1982. This was followed by his going to Canada to do his Masters degree in Health Sciences with specialization in Paediatrics in 1989.

Hurdles in the way

While speaking to Nagpur Today, Dr Abhimanyu claimed that the only problem he faced was the cultural shock he experienced on his arrival to Institute of Science. He found that most of the other students were conversing in fluent English, while he spoke in Marathi. The Urban-Rural divide became very prominently problematic in the behavioral patterns of other students and him. The only other problem that he faced was that he lived in various hostels for 13-14 years. This caused him to miss his parents and elder brother a lot.

Dr Abhimanyu claimed that his elder brother retired as Joint Director of Agriculture, Government of Maharashtra. He is now looking after their agricultural farms that they have. It was his elder brother and his father who ensured that Dr Abhimanyu Niswade never faced any financial crunch.

His message to the youth

Dr Abhimanyu said that MBBS is one of the best sciences to learn and practice also to serve Humanity and the community at large. He added that this service to humanity has to be done with good intentions, honesty, hard-workmanship which alone can lead to the best use of acquired knowledge.

He claimed that there are many modern gadgets and knowledge available at their fingertips which can be used to optimize the treatment of patients.

While answering to a question that have the young doctors forgotten the Hippocratic Oath that they take, Dr Abhimanyu said that the Hippocratic Oath has been diluted by them to suit their ulterior motives.