Published On : Sat, Sep 12th, 2015

Many schools in Nagpur lay ‘CBSE traps’ to lure students, later leave them in lurch post 8th

Nagpur: A large number of schools in Nagpur, running under the garb of ‘CBSE Pattern’ (not CBSE Affiliation) have become the cause of concern for countless parents. The apathy of these schools make the students stray for admission to other schools once these so called ‘CBSE tagged’ schools reach their limit, beyond which they cannot run classes without recognition. Shockingly, many of these schools are the branches of reputed schools in Nagpur. A recent case of Millennium School being run on Katol road is a classic example of how these schools lure students by showing up as CBSE pattern, only to leave the students to fend for themselves after class 7th or 8th.

It may be mentioned that permission of CBSE is required after class 9th.  It usually happens that many of these schools do not get permission as they could not live up to the strict CBSE norms in terms of infrastructure and teaching standards.

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CBSE Pattern confuses parents

A recent investigation by Nagpur Today reveals that School of Scholars, a reputed school in Nagpur is running lower classes upto class 7th at its Hudkeshwar branch and pre-primary at Pratap Nagar branch. However the main Wanadongri branch of School of Scholars is CBSE affiliated, but the parents usually fall under the impression that its other branches must also be CBSE affiliated which is not the case. Even the school administration does not inform this to the parents coming to seek admission at their other branches. Moreover, they keep on bragging about their ‘CBSE pattern’ which confuses parents and led them to enroll their wards only to repent later.

Parents feel cheated

One of the parents inform that they had to run from pillar to post to get their ward admitted to some good CBSE school after they received the information from their ward’s previous school that their ward would now be shifted to state board. “Actually we were misguided at the time of admission. We were told about CBSE pattern, the technicalities of which we didn’t realize at that time. We really had to struggle hard to get our ward admitted to other school,” informed one of the parents. However not every student is not as lucky after facing the deceit at the hands of such schools. Another parent had to helplessly get their ward to the State Board after the CBSE Pattern school in which their ward studied could not get CBSE permission.

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Whims and fancies of Millennium School

In case of Milliennium School, the school principal had even handed over the letter of school closure to the students after they did not get permission to extend the classes. The decision shocked many parents as the new session had already begun. The letter also claimed to refund the full fee but the parents did not buy the school’s contention. Withdrawing from the school would mean a full one year loss for their wards as there would be bleak chances to get admission for their wards as the admissions to many schools were already full. The letter also claimed to have made understanding with Centre Point School and St. Xaviers school where these wards may get admission after going through their testing process. Later, the school administration reportedly withdrew its decision after succumbing to the pressure from the parents to continue the school.

Nagpur Today view

Every year as the new academic session sets in, there begin a mad rush for admissions as the schools eyeing their ‘prey’ throws its net for some fresh ‘catch of the season’! We know we ought not to use this jargon for the noble field but given the scenario these words have become the part of school business vocabulary. Ironically, there is no citywise CBSE monitoring agency or official. The CBSE officers from Bengaluru or Delhi visit middle level cities like Nagpur once in a blue moon. This ignorance often leads the schools to use CBSE pattern tags on their whims. However this trend is putting the future of students at stake. It is high time CBSE authorities should conduct a strict check and set monitoring cell at every district place to avoid misuse of the CBSE tag. Moreover, such schools should be dealt with iron hand and strict punitive measures like lifetime ban or closure should be imposed, while keeping the interest of the students intact.

…. Kumar Neelabh


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