Published On : Sat, Feb 21st, 2015

You wanna marry me? IP asks and her exclusive matrimonial site goes viral


Indhuja Pillai is a 23 year old Tamil girl living and working in Banglore.An only child (like me). She is cool about self and about life but had just one grouse. Her parents wanted her to ‘begin looking for grooms’ and had put up ‘her candidature’ on a matrimonial web site already.

So what does Indhuja do? When her parents are out for the weekend she pulls down the ‘profile’ created by her parents and puts up her own exclusive marital domain. She does not tell her parents, feeling sure they will not approve. She does not anticipate many responses – and she is least bothered. Because as she says in her profile her marital status is – married to self.

But what she has to say strikes such a chord with other girls sailing in the same boat that her site goes viral in no time. It is shared a dozen times and lo and behold – it has been veiwed at least 1.75 lakh times by now.

So what did Indhuja Pillai, aka IP say that viewers have liked so much??

Was it her unique way of describing herself, her candour, or her humour? Read on and decide for yourself…
In her bio(data) she gives her age, height, weight, education (B.E.), occupation etc. and then goes on to say-
“salary – overabundant for self. Saving to travel”

In more info about herself she says ” am not a drinker and hate smoking. Eat eggs but not a foodie. Hate masala and drama. Not a womanly woman. .Not marriage material. Wont grow hair – ever. Friendly, but dont prefer friendship. Come with a life time guarantee.”

She is honesty personified as you can see. And she minces no words when she describes the man she wants to marry –

Looking for: A man, preferably bearded, who is passionate about seeing the world. Someone who earns for himself and does NOT hate his job. Must be flexible with his parents, also means, it’s better if he is NOT a family guy. Extra points to the one who hates kids. Points for a great voice and an impressive personality. Should be able to hold a conversation for atleast 30 minutes.

“People want to survive. I want to live.”

She ends her column with the statutary warning – “if you think you qualify, think again. I suggest you also show this website to your parents. (And just try then) imagining a life with someone like me.

Unsure? click the ‘X’ and get back to what you were doing. Sure? Drop me a message on Facebook or tweet to me. ”

Looks like many, many are sure and are NOT clicking X.

Whether this site helps I.P. find her life partner or not is a moot point. It has already made her a celebrity with her own much followed blog now.

Her take on marriage in an interview with Hindu is ” the problem arises when parents want us to get married as early as 22. A great percentage of 20 somethings are ready to get married, a few wish to postpone and some wouild like to skip marriage – for good.”

The most important problem with marriage according to her are the ” 20 something men”. It is also about freedom ( which women lose) and responsibilty ( which men refuse?)

Her advise to marriageable girls and parents is – try standing in their shoes to know how they feel. But get married only when you are ready and more importantly are sure you have found the right guy. “Marriage should be for keeps”.