Published On : Fri, Jul 24th, 2015

Yakub Memon’s hanging on July 30 likely to be deferred as he challenges death warrant in SC

Nagpur: While the jail authorities in Nagpur are busy making arrangements for sending Yakub Memon, a Mumbai serial blast guilty, to gallows, his lawyers have been trying every bit to save him from the claws of death. After President rejected his mercy plea, followed by SC discarding curative appeal, Yakub’s lawyers are still exploring the possibilities which could save him from noose at least for now. And there appears to be a little ray of hope for him.

Sources informed that Yakub Memon’s scheduled hanging on July 30 may be postponed as Yakub has once again challenged his ‘death warrant’ in the Supreme Court and filed the petition in this regard. Yakub’s lawyers are trying to make the strong ground for the petition to be approved this time. Yakub had reportedly pointed out that ‘death warrant’ was issued immediately after rejection of his mercy plea, which could not be justified in the books of law. This was done despite Yakub having the options of filing curative petition before Supreme Court and making personal appeal for mercy from President.

Sources also pointed out that since the decision on death warrant being challenged in Supreme Court will take time and also his mercy petition to the governor is yet to be decided. Under such circumstances, it would not be possible to hang him on July 30 as it is compulsory to maintain the gap of at least 15 days between the date of plea rejection and execution.

Jail authorities all set

Meanwhile, the jail authorities are all set to send him to gallows. Sources added that apprehension or inside information about making public exhibition of the last rites of death row convict Yakub Memon may prevent the jail authorities from handing over his body to Yakub’s family members. The final decision about this rests with the jail superintendent, it was learnt.

As per rule book, after the execution of death row convict, his last rites have to be performed as per his religious customs. If the family members of the hanged convict want to perform his last rites themselves, then they have to give a written application to the jail superintendent to that effect. The jail superintendent has every right to allow them to do so.