Published On : Thu, Jan 7th, 2016

Wrestling championship held in Nagpur after 28 years is a matter of prestige: Bawankule

51st Maharashtra Kesri State-level Wrestling Championship gets underway in a dazzling ceremony

IMG_7707Nagpur: The 51st Maharashtra Kesri State-level Wrestling Championship was inaugurated in a dazzling ceremony with some of the students of Vyayam Shalas (Gymnasiums) displaying skills of wielding swords, lathi (cane), yogasanas and calisthenics. While inaugurating the Wrestling Championship, Guardian Minister and State Energy Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule said that it is a matter of great prestige for Maharashtra, Vidarbha and Nagpur that the Wrestling Championship which could not be organized in the state-level for the past 28 years is finally being reorganized and organized in the city in Chitnis Park in Mahal. He said that the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Surface Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari had promised this and based on their directions, this championship is being organized. He extended a hearty welcome to all the wrestlers from all over Maharashtra.

He added that the office-bearers of the Maharashtra Rajya Kustigeer Parishad Va Nagpur Zilha Kustigir Sangh had strived organize the championship. Bawankule said that 1300 wrestlers have arrived to participate in the Championship.

Guardian Minister while speaking about how a wrestler comes to be called as a wrestler, he said that it takes nothing less than 10-15 years of training, exercise to become a wrestler. However, he (Bawankule) and all the wrestlers want that wrestling should become an international event. Proper honour and respect should be given to this skill.

The wrestlers given the oath
Bawankule added that wrestling had existed in India from the time of kings and emperors. Great Kings like Shivaji Maharaj had promoted this event to ensure the fitness of his soldiers.

He added that the government has now changed its opinion about the event and soon the government will promote this event, financial aids will be given to the players etc. Bawankule declared that in the coming 5 years 300 Vyayam Shalas (Gymnasiums) will be made in every ward in every city.

Championship in all fairness
Bawankule added that there will be no partiality shown towards any participant. However he added and warned the participants not to take drugs or energy boosting medications. He claimed that he has constituted a team of medical doctors who will examine all the participants before the wrestling game. He warned that if found guilty of doping, the participant will be handed over to the police and a police case will be filed against the person. No waiver or forgiveness will be given for anyone who is found guilty.

IMG_7698Earlier Mayor of Nagpur Praveen Datke addressed the audience and players that now that the wrestling championship has restarted, NMC, NIT and all government organizations will support this sport. He too extended a warm welcome to the participants of the wrestling championship. Datke said that all the arrangements have been made to ensure that the participants are comfortable in the city.

President of Vidarbha Kusti Sangh Dutta Meghe who made a brief address said that he is very happy that the wrestling championship has restarted in the city after 28 years.

Other prominent personalities on the dais included MP Krupal Tumane, MP Ramdas Tadas, President of Zilla Parishad Nagpur Nisha Tai Sawarkar and all the Maharashtra Kesris, Champions and Coaches of Wrestling and Chiefs of various Vyayam Shalas.

A dazzling display of sword wielding, lathi wielding, calisthenics were presented by the students of various Vyayam Shalas which displayed rare talents, skills and mind and body co-ordination.
Another young awards and medals winning boy doing difficult yogasanas
A 6-year-old boy weilding sword in a move
A young girl weilding a sword that is maleable called Dand Patta
Students in a pose
The flag hoisting and the lighting of the lamp