Published On : Fri, Mar 8th, 2013
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Women’s Day Special : Leading ladies in Nagpur want change of men’s mindset

Nagpur News: International’s Women’s Day. It’s yet another year and yet another celebration of love, respect and appreciation towards women and social, economic and political achievements of women. There is no zenith in any field that a woman has not attained. But, even today, in this twenty first century, the damaging effects of the male dominant society are still visible. The question we ask ourselves today is: Have we progressed in making our society safe and comfortable for women? Have we changed ourselves to accommodate the success and accomplishments of women in today’s world?

Nagpur Today interacted with the powerful women of Nagpur and asked them about their views of the varying positions of women in today’s society.


Be ‘bold’ in thoughts

Dr. Suchitra Jham, 36th President of Women’s Chapter JCI and working in the Medical Tourism Industry and for women and children’s empowerment on being asked about the repeated rapes every day in the city said, “ This will always happen. I work towards the empowerment of women. I believe it’s important to make women aware about the possible dangers they may face in the society. Mothers, especially have to be taught and reminded of their duties towards their children. Why do mothers leave their children with neighbours and house helps, I don’t really understand. Mothers have to be guided so they can teach their children how to be independent and responsible. The men will not change, we have to change.” On being asked about her role in this society, she said, I go to people for sponsorships for women empowerment workshops and events and I get rejected. But if I go to them for a fashion show, I will have a dozen sponsors for it. My point is, don’t be bold in your clothes, be bold in your thoughts.”

Learn to protect self

Sumathi Venugopalan, Principal Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar said, “We must not be depressed and sad about the condition. We have always talked about emancipation of women and we are working towards it. Changes take time and it will happen. We have come to a time where people are becoming aware, they are reacting and waking up to realise the position of women in the society. There is so much negativity spread around, but we must not succumb to these conditions. We must channelize our efforts. Instead of showing solidarity towards the victims and organizing candle marches, we must sit together and teach women ways of protecting themselves in such times.”

Perform mother’s role seriously

Dr. Devyani Buche, MD Medicine, said, “Although there are many women achievers in today’s world, the condition of women hasn’t changed much if we consider the population at large. I feel the same thing will continue if women fail to change the mindset of society towards other women. She has to do this not by agitation or by being rebellious, but by ensuring a change in the mindsets of her own family members. I think, a woman at large, has to take the role of being a mother seriously. If she is able to do this, probably the society will accept her to be equal to a man, the way she actually has to be perceived, and this can probably lead to our world being a civilised one.”

Let’s teach children how to respect women

Chandra Banerjee, HoD, Music Department, Centre Point School, Katol road said, “As much as a woman has been respected in our patriarchal society, she has been held back from progressing as well. Yet, women have broken the bounds and have progressed. If we consider our society to be divided into two sections, the educated and knowledgeable men have always supported and helped women in moving forward. But the uneducated people have always pulled her back. The fact that women hold a higher emotional quotient in their thinking has been a problem for them because it becomes easier to manipulate them. It’s very painful and hurting talk about rapes and cruelties that are meted out to women. Let’s make the people aware and work toward the teaching our children how to respect women. “

Real Head of the House

Yamini Chaturvedi, a homemaker and a proud mother of two daughters had the most distinct approach to this issue. She said, “Women are omnipotent and omnipresent. A woman was not weak before and neither is she now. A woman who can create a man can also dominate him and be better in every field. It is just the insecurity men feel and that is why they humiliate, demean and intimidate women in every way they can. A man’s physical power is nothing compared to a woman’s mental power. The more you try to dominate her and make her feel weak; a woman will stand as strong and powerful and will overpower a man in return. Only because men are supposedly the bread-earners in a house, does not mean a woman is nothing. She is the one who runs the house and she is the real ‘head of the house’.

Longing for equal respect

On her visit to Nagpur for her son’s convocation, a school Principal from Kota, Rajasthan, Alka Pathak expressed her thoughts about this issue on the occasion of International Women’s Day. She said, ”In our society, where we worship women as Goddesses, Draupadi was insulted in a room full of men as they watched her as she was disrobed by Dushasana.; Sita’s character was questioned by her husband who was none other than Maryada Purushottam Rama. But today, in this 21st century, even when women have equalled men in all areas, they do not get the same respect as men. Women are still considered inferior in comparison to men and this is poignant truth of our Indian society.”

Shivangi Chaturvedi