Published On : Tue, Nov 13th, 2012

Women mysteriously missing from Nagpur, cops suspect trafficking

Nagpur News: Some of Nagpur’s women and girls have been mysteriously missing from the city for the past couple of months. The cases registered under various police stations of Nagpur indicated this peculiar trend in the crime charts. Most of these girls are reportedly not seen after they have stepped out of their house. Last month, a case under Zaripatka police station was registered after a 33 year old married woman Poornima Shivraj Patil of Ramai Nagar went missing after she had gone out along with his 3 year old son. Poornima has been missing since November 15. She is still untraced. This month another case has been reported at Zaripatka police station in which a 20 year old girl Shraddha Rajendra Dongre has been missing since November 8.

Two similar cases came to light under Hudkeshwar and Yashodhara Nagar police stations.  A 17 year old girl Priya Kawduji Girde, resident of new Mhalgi Nagar under Hudkeshwar police station was reportedly missing since November 5. Adding to the suspicion another 22 year old married woman Shabeena Fatima Khan of Rajeev Nagar at Kamptee road under Yashodhara police station also disappeared on November 9. There are no clues about her whereabouts.

A case under Imambada police station showed a 35 year old married woman Poonam Dinesh Waghmare has been missing since May 13, 2012.

Intensive search has been launched by the relatives of the missing women in all the cases, however, nothing substantial came to the fore as yet.

The suspicious disappearing of these women raises serious concern about the suspected human trafficking as recently Lakadganj police cracked the case of one missing women who was reportedly sold to many people in bordering state of Madhya Pradesh. Police has also arrested the accused Shekhar Ganpatrao Moundekar of Binaki Mangalwari and five others in the case.

The victim was said to be working as maid in a house at Shanti Nagar. She came in contact with another woman named Chandrakala who allegedly took her to three men namely Asif, Abid and Abu. All the three alleged to have raped the woman. Later when she got pregnant, she was handed to Shekhar who along with his friend Sonia took her in Madhya Pradesh, where she was sold for Rs 40,000 to one Devi Singh. This is where she was sold to some more people who kept on passing her to the next after her pregnancy was revealed.

The poor woman kept hanging between the mess of these people and one day she escaped by chance. After she was back in Nagpur and narrated her sordid saga to the police, action was initiated against Shekhar. Later Chandrakala, Asif, Abid, Abu and Sonia were also arrested.