Published On : Tue, Nov 3rd, 2020

Women Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship

VIA Lady Entrepreneurs’ Wing conducted a Webinar titled “Women empowerment through Entrepreneurship” on Sunday. Dr Nishigandha Wad, famous actress and celebrity of Marathi and Hindi Cinema was the guest speaker, which was conducted under the able chairmanship of Manisha Bawankar, VIA LEW.

Manisha Bawankar, Chairperson, VIA LEW in her opening remarks welcomed the guest speaker Dr. Nishigandha Wad, by saying “The beautiful person and beautiful personality depends on beautiful heart a person has and we are indeed honoured to have such a beautiful person with us today”. She mentioned that VIA, for the last 25 years has been striving to create, nurture and develop women entrepreneurs through various seminars, webinars, workshops and programmes. She said that the VIA Lady Wing has started helpdesk facility for the members where the lady entrepreneurs can get guidance and assistance for their business issues by the team of experts. She appealed to all the members to avail this facility for the growth of their business. She appealed to shop at multivendor e-commerce portal for amazing products.

Vandana Sharma, Past Chairperson – VIA LEW, virtually welcomed and introduced the guest speaker, and very coherently conducted the interactive session successfully.

Dr. Nishigandha Wad, is a double P.hd holder and a actress, writer and recipient of state award. She has acted in more than 150 films and many serials. She is doing her third P.hd on Smt. Shantabai Shelke’s independent poetry.

She started her deliberation by saying “life gives you the best lessons” and thereafter quoted Swami Vivekananda on education “Education is not the amount of information that is put into your brain and runs riot there, undigested, all your life. We must have life-building, man-making, character-making assimilation of ideas. If education were identical with information, the libraries would be the greatest sages in the world and encyclopedias’ the Rishis.”

Thereafter, wonderful interactive session was conducted.

Dr. Nishigandha Wad, while providing tips on maintaining work-life balance, said it’s every individuals question and her mate should understand the empathy, which is more abstract, behind it and for women multitasking is the need of the hour. She said since the nature has given right of motherhood to women, they have the holistic approach to understand persons surrounding them in this patriarchal society and hence are able to have work-life balance at ease. In this connect she said General assembly of UN has come up with ‘sustainable goal development’ which provides very important role for the women.

On how can we promote women entrepreneurship in India? She said for the women entrepreneur to be successful, her inner force will only give inspiration to succeed irrespective of the lineage or strata they belong to and she should lead by setting examples. The forums like VIA are needed for promoting their business for promoting the ideas of doing business in this regards. Further, she added during the current global citizen era there is no opponent to women other than herself and so she has to fight her own self by rising like a phoenix bird and identify her own hidden talent, and apply her metal and substance to become successful.

On weakness she emphasized that whenever women want to venture in business she should not be burdened with the conventional outlook about her household chores and responsibilities, instead she should begin her career like a blank slate leaving her success on her talent, potential, opportunity and luck.

On education she opined that it is not important how many degrees are affixed after your name but stressed the importance on how many persons you can read and how you cope up with fame, ignominy and insult in life.

She added that pandemic has created new opportunities by connecting the people world over by opening numerous avenues for doing business as the whole world has become borderless.

She said the critical aspect of business lies in striking balance between her potential as human being and her monetary potential by portraying her best in what she is. Further, she added women have the natural instinct of choosing right persons around them thereby making right supplement to compliment the business. Simplicity, sincerity, sensitivity, and deeply rooted moralities are her strengths that will help her to surge ahead.

On Government’s decision on equality for women in share of property, she said is a welcome step towards women empowerment and it should not remain on paper alone but should be implemented in verbatim and women should come forward and insists on acquiring their rights.

She concluded by saying Life is beautiful and one should live it to the fullest by experiencing it, turning inwards, and pass its crux to the next generation.

Yogita Deshmukh, PRO, introduced four vendors registered on e-portal who were selected for promoting their products namely Sangeeta Sawalakhe of Vidharbha Biotech Lab, Sonali Wakhre of Dehlaan Design, Poonam Lala of Rutrop Enterprises and Winni Meshram of Prezen Décor, who in turn gave description about their products in brief.

Prominently present were VIA Executive Committee members – Asit Sinha and Girish Deodhar. VIA LEW Advisory Members viz Prafullata Rode, Madhubala Singh, Sarita Pawar. Past Chairpersons – Anjali Gupta, Anita Rao, Shachi Malik, Immediate Past Chairperson Reeta Lanjewar, Vice Chairperson – Indu Kshirsagar, EC Member Poonam Gupta, included in 72 plus participants. Poonam Lala, Secretary, VIA LEW proposed vote of thanks.

All the entrepreneurs and participants were enlightened by this interactive session.