Published On : Tue, Jan 12th, 2016

Woman delivers quadruplets in Lata Mangeshkar Hospital

dds_1452640761Nagpur: Miracles do occur, they say. The Almighty often reminds us that He is very much present and does miracles every now and then. Once such miracle was observed when a woman delivered quadruplets in Lata Mangeshkar Hospital in Digdoh, Hingna.

This proud mother of the quadruplets is identified as Kalpana Chauhan. The ‘miracle’ occurred at 11:15 am on January 12, 2016. Medical professionals claim that this occurs when four healthy spermatozoons enter four healthy and fertile eggs or ovules.

This 24-year-old woman from a small village of Hingna delivered four baby girls in city’s Lata Mangeshkar Hospital (LMH). Doctors say that bearing quadruplets naturally is so rare it happens to one in more than four crore women, the probability of this being 1:80^4. Being born only 26 weeks (normal gestation period is between 32 to 34 weeks), all four babies are way below the normal birth weight and have been admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Kalpana Chauhan was told she was carrying three babies after the initial sonography. Considering it a high-risk case, doctors at LMH had admitted her to the hospital during her sixth month of pregnancy to monitor her continuously. She left the hospital against medical advice a week later.

On Monday morning i.e. January 12, 2016, she had visiting the hospital for a follow-up when doctors realized she was already in advanced labour. Within forty minutes of being in the labour room, she delivered the four babies, the fourth one being a surprise for both doctors and the parents.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, Head of the Gynaecology Department of Lata Mangeshkar Hospital Dr Sulbha Joshi said that multiple pregnancies occur commonly among women being treated for infertility. However, bearing four children at the same time is very rare. This is the first case that she has seen in thirty years where quadruplets were borne spontaneously. She added that the delivery was normal and was done by Dr Yamini Kale from her Department.

Head of the Paediatric Department of Lata Mangeshkar Hospital Dr Nilofer Mujawar said that at birth, the babies were all below 700gms (the normal birth weight is above 2kgs). She claimed that they have admitted them to the NICU. The babies are still in a critical condition. The NICU team headed by Dr Meenakshi  Girish, is giving them the best possible care.

Dean Dr Kajal Mitra informed that considering the financial condition of the family and the nature of the case, LMH has decided to provide the NICU services and investigations free of cost.