Published On : Mon, Jun 13th, 2016

Wockhardt Hospital foils bid of self-acclaimed leaders from marring their reputation


Nagpur: It has now become a pattern for relatives of patients to get admitted into private hospitals and availing the best of treatment and whenever any eventuality takes place, they are prompt to cry foul in order to avoid paying for the services rendered by the hospital.

However, right opposite to this ploy used by some relatives of some patients, the close relatives of the patients who is now deceased agreed to pay whatever was possible and pleaded for help. The magnanimous authorities of Wockhardt Hospital Hospital waived their payments and allowed the relatives to take the body of the deceased.

However, before that some self-acclaimed leaders of poor and needy along with some anti-social elements tried to gain mileage out of this incident.

They spread false rumours in the social media that the Wockhardt Hospital Hospital is not permitting the relatives to take the body of the deceased without paying the bills for the treatment.

Some of these self-acclaimed leaders told Nagpur Today that the deceased is identified as Dayanand Mete aged 35 years and is a resident of Adilabad (Telangana). When he complained of severe Chest pain, he was rushed to Sanjeevni Hospital in Yavatmal. From there the Doctors referred the patient to Wockard Hospital in Nagpur. The relatives rushed the patient to Wockhardt Hospital Hospital.

At the time of admission, the relatives were asked to deposit the tentative amount needed for treatment. The relatives accordingly paid an amount of Rs 1,25,000/- (Rupees One lakh twenty five thousand). These leaders alleged that the hospital was refusing to let the relatives take the body without paying an additional amount of Rs 1,11,000/- (Rupees one lakh eleven thousand).

While speaking to Nagpur Today Centre Head Sujata said that the relatives (brother of the patient) was told of the expenses and on his agreement only was treatment administered. He had signed the consent form which states clearly about the eventuality. The patient’s relatives are told every morning about the bill so far and the out-standing bill. So the huge bill appearing suddenly does not arise.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, Dr Tushar Gawad from the Public Relations Department of Wockhardt Hospital, said that when the patient was brought here on June 6, 2016, he had already suffered a cardiac arrest. The patient was suffering from sustained muscular contraction. This was also causing the patient to breath properly since his Respiratory Tracts were also involuntarily contracting.

Dr Ajay Sakhare who was treating the patient had explained the condition to the kith and kin of the patient and told them that the “Prognosis is Reserved or Guarded”. After the relatives agreed, the patient was put on ventilator and the treatment had started.

Unfortunately the patient died late in the evening of June 11, 206 while undergoing treatment. While following the protocol, the authorities of the deceased were promptly informed of the death of the patient. The relatives of the patient had requested the Hospital authorities to kindly shift and keep the body in the mortuary since the brother and some relatives were coming and that they did not have any means to transport the body. They assured to take the body the next day morning.

Meanwhile some of the self-acclaimed leaders came with some anti-social elements and started creating big scene in the reception. These elements demanded total waiver of the bill and the reimbursement of the bill paid so far.

Dr Tuishar said that the close relatives vehemently said that they do not know these people not do they have anything to do with them or their demands. The close relatives of the deceased expressed their inability to pay this huge bill. They agreed to pay whatever is possible. The hospital authorities too agreed and gave them the Discharge papers and closed the relatives.

The Wockhardt Hospital authorities also made arrangements for the relatives to take the body to their native place. The bill for the ambulance has to be borne by the relatives which they agreed.