Published On : Mon, Jan 5th, 2015

With Winter Session ending, gambling dens in city raise their ugly heads again, in a big way!


Nagpur: The day the Winter Session of Maharashtra Legislature came to an end and the Government returned to Mumbai the shut down gambling dens started raising their ugly heads, with vengeance. The DCP trio – Abhinash Kumar, Nirmala Devi and Ishu Sindhu – had cracked down heavily and broken the very spine of the gambling dens in the Second capital City of Nagpur. But a slight loosening of noose provided a new lease of life to city’s gambling dens and they are in dirty business again.

According to sources and reports, a hi-tech gambling den has been added to the dubious list of joints in Shantinagar-Lalganj area and emerging as a favourite spot for the gamblers of all colours. Nagpur has always been hub of gamblers. However, the day Abhinash Kumar took charge as DCP the gambling den runners were forced to run for their money. The DCP demolished the infamous joints of Babaji, Anna Raut and others. Moreover, in a major raid at high-profile dens at Hotel Centre Point and Airport Centre Point the DCP sent the joints there packing and thus sent a strong message across the city. Almost all gambling dens were shut down before and during the Winter Session. But with top Government bosses returning to Mumbai, the joints have started raising their ugly heads again, said the sources.

The hi-tech gambling den being run in Shantinagar-Lalganj area is reportedly the biggest one in the city. The joint comes under Pachpaoli Police Station jurisdiction but some cops from Lakadganj Station could be seen hanging there for one reason or the other, regularly, said the sources.