Published On : Fri, May 15th, 2015

With “No Water” supply for Industries in Butibori delegation to meet Energy Minister

Acute shortage of power supply leading  to water supply shortage  for last two month

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Image Courtesy

Nagpur: The 2,400 hectare Butibori Estate which houses the Five Star Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) and known to be Asia’s biggest when it came up in late 1990s, today faces numerous problems. While speaking to Nagpur Today, President of Butibori Manufacturers Association Pradeep Khandelwal said that most units complain of not having proper power supply which in turn causes problems in water supply too.

 Pradeep Khandelwal

Pradeep Khandelwal

The Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited supplies power to the MIDC Manufacturing Units of Butibori. This also includes the Butibori water Pumping Station. Most manufacturing units in MIDC Butibori require an uninterrupted power supply for their production. These units requires continuous water supply too.

However in the last two months the power supply is erratic. Frequent breakdowns in power-supply are experienced by the MIDC Manufacturing Units of Butibori. This in-turn is affecting the pumping of water to the manufacturing units.
Since this has been happening on an off frequently, the Butibori Manufacturers Association took up the issue and debated the issue at length.

Secretary of Butibori Manufacturers Association Puneet Mahajan while speaking to Nagpur Today said that the power-supply through the High Tension Cables and the domestic lines too are faulty and needs immediate maintenance. However, the MSEDCL personnel are turning a blind eye to this issue.

He added that many units had to suspend production for hours together to grapple with the situation for want of water.

The present water requirement in the area is 15 million litre per day (MLD) while the supply is only 60% of the requirement, which has thrown operations of several manufacturing units’ out of gear. Water is collected at Water Treatment Plant (WTP) at Borkhedi. After treatment, water is supplied to three elevated storage reservoirs (ESRs) in the Butibori MIDC area from where is goes to 150 units.

President of Butibori Manufacturers Association Pradeep Khandelwal claimed that due to the water crisis a majority of units were finding it difficult to meet orders in time. The staff and personnel of manufacturing units too are facing problems. So much so that they have to purchase 20 to 50 litre water cans for meeting drinking water requirements.

After many deliberations, they have talked to the Guardian Minister and Energy Minister Chandrashekar Bawankule, who has assured to come personally to redress their grievances on May 16, 2015.