Published On : Tue, Sep 1st, 2020

With Mundhe shifted, ‘punished’ NMC babus now crave for return to their original deptts

Former NMC Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe had transferred many babus

Nagpur: The abrupt transfer of Tukaram Mundhe as Municipal Commissioner of Nagpur has proved a blessing in disguise for many NMC babus. Mundhe had transferred many officers and personnel during his short and eventful tenure. Now he himself has been transferred by the government. Now, the officials who were transferred during his tenure, are craving to return to their original departments with hook or crook. These NMC babus have started knocking doors of close politicians and ‘begging’ for shifting to their parent departments.

Tukaram Mundhe had taken over the reins of the NMC Commissioner in January end this year. His methodology of working and running the administration had ruffled feathers of the ruling party members’ caps. In one-man show, Mundhe began to clip the wings of officials and employees who were perceived to be close to the ruling party and had them transferred to the zonal offices from their original plum positions. Especially around a dozen officials of the Town Planning Department, including Sarang P. who were believed to be close to the ruling party were transferred to zonal offices. Many including the concerned transferred officials were completely dissatisfied with the development.

A few days ago, Mundhe was transferred by the government, due to pressure from various quarters. The development has caused a wave of jubilation among NMC officials. Especially those officials who were transferred heaved a sigh of relief and Sarang P. has started contacting his political masters in order regain his earlier lucrative position. The white collar officials of the NMC who were rendered ineffective seven months ago by Mundhe too are using their clout to resend these officials to their original departments.

One may recall that no work in the Town Planning Department or in any other department of the NMC or for that matter any other civic body happens easily or swiftly for free. If a person does not spend then that person has to run from pillar to post to get the concerned task done. Sarang P. too is one such transferred official. Nevertheless no favours are done for free in the civic body. There are other transferred officials too but not as well politically connected as Sarang P. But even they are stubborn and eager to return to their original departments.

There are only a handful of officials in the NMC who perform their work without following the ‘give and take’ culture, or rather the majority of officials follow it in their day to day work. They in turn have the support of superior bureaucrats. It will be interesting to see if the newly appointed NMC chief will analyse the reasons for their transfers and perceive it to be a mere formality in running of administration or pave the way for their return to their original departments.

Budget for year 2020-21 to be tabled soon:
Due to the stubbornness and influence of the former Commissioner and various other reasons, 5 months of the current financial year have ended without the passing and implementation of the NMC Budget. Like other years, this year too, the budget should have been finalised and implemented by now but due to various reasons it could not happen. Especially citing the emergency situation arising due to the coronavirus pandemic as a reason, former NMC Chief Mundhe had delayed the passing and implementation of the budget. Despite this, the Standing Committee Chairman had started preparations for presenting the budget since the last month. Now since Mundhe has been transferred to Mumbai, it is being perceived that the budget It will be prepared, presented, passed and implemented soon. For this purpose, soon the budget expert is expected to be transferred from the Dhantoli Zone and appointed in the Standing Committee office as ‘OSD’. This concerned official has full knowledge of the most NMC rules, and over a dozen budgets of previous financial years have been passed under his supervision. Probably, therefore in order to reduce the influence of the ruling party, former NMC Chief Mundhe had transferred him to Dhantoli Zone.

Start NMC’s ‘Aapli Bus’ Service:
M.O.D.I. Foundation has appealed to the newly appointed NMC Commissioner Radhakrishnan B, Mayor Sandeep Joshi and Transport Committee Chairman Balya Borkar that concrete initiatives should be taken to start the ‘Aapli Bus’ service for the benefit of common poor citizens of the city as per the directives of the State Transport Department. Members of the organisation argue that when the ST buses can start all over the state, then what is the difficulty in starting NMC’s ‘Aapli Bus’ service. It is one of the best bus services for the common persons of the city by the NMC. The maintenance of the buses in the fleet is increasing expenses. The old buses are in a bad condition. Therefore, in order to reduce the expenditure on their fuel and in other concerns, an agreement has been signed by the NMC with Rowmatt company. With the commencement of ‘Aapli Bus’ service, citizens will be able to experience convenient and cost effective transport from one place to another. Due to the coronavirus pandemic induced lockdown, transportation services and free movement of people and vehicles have been restricted by the administration greatly. Therefore, representatives of the foundation have appealed to the Municipal Commissioner and Mayor to urgently commence ‘Aapli Bus’ service at least along the main routes of the city.