Published On : Thu, Aug 10th, 2017

With focus just on punishing two-wheeler riders, traffic system “collapses” in city

Nagpur: With Traffic police focusing and sapping their energy just on disciplining the two-wheeler riders vis-a-vis mandatory helmets, the traffic system in the city has ‘virtually collapsed’. A look at the stretch of a road from Imambada Square to Baidyanath Square could prove the point.

Hundreds of vehicles, small and big, pass through this road. A group of half a dozen traffic policemen, from 10 am to 12 noon, could be seen busy issuing challans to the traffic violators, chiefly the two-wheelers, at Imambada Square. But after 12, the scenario is different. No soul could be seen stopping and booking the offenders. The picture is same at Baidyanath Square as well. A few policemen descend at the square at fixed timing in morning and evening not for streamling the traffic but for challan action. Baidyanath Square is one of the busiest one in the city. Presence of traffic cops all day is expected but the situation is contrary.

A cursory look at roads across the city would reveal that only the two-wheeler owners are taking the brunt of police action. The big ones, especially the perpetually erring auto drivers, are being spared. Take the case of Ganeshpeth Bus Stand. The haphazardly parked autos are creating a hell of nuisance for smooth running of traffic. A policeman, on the condition of anonymity, revealed that auto drivers are spared of action because there is no space for parking of seized autos. For this reason, the auto drivers take the roads as “Baap ka maal” and use it whimsically. The erring autowallas care two hoots the presence of cops. For these rude auto drivers, entire traffic system is on the verge of collapse.