With dismal NMC working, only 146 buildings in city equipped with rain water harvesting

rain water harvesting

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Nagpur: With the State in general and Nagpur in particular reeling under acute water shortage, the Maharashtra Government had made rain water harvesting mandatory and directed all municipal corporations and municipal councils to ensure proper implementation of the system. But the lethargic attitude of Nagpur Municipal Corporation and the concept not striking chord with citizens, only 146 buildings were equipped with the rain water harvesting system in the Second Capital City of Nagpur.

Rainwater harvesting is an innovative technique utilized to harvest rainwater from roofs and other above surfaces to be stored for later use. Rain harvested water can be used for garden and crop irrigation, watering livestock, laundry, and flushing toilets. However, harvested rainwater is not suitable for showering, bathroom sink or kitchen use because it’s not really fit for consumption. In a normal scenario the rainwater is collected from roof buildings and then stored inside of a special tank. Rainwater harvesting systems are designed after assessing site conditions that include rainfall pattern, incident rainfall, subsurface strata and their storage characteristics.

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s Town Planning Department was supposed to enforce the rules but seems to have ignored the State Government’s directives to ensure provision of rainwater harvesting system while sanctioning building plans for new constructions. The dismal style of working resulted in installation of rain water harvesting system in only 146 buildings across the city which has a capacity to install around 1 lakh filters. But due to lack of awareness and lackadaisical attitude of people, over 600 crore litres of rainwater goes down the drain every year. The Urban Development Department expressed concern over dismal interest at all municipal corporations and councils to implement rainwater harvesting in their jurisdiction.

The civic body, which failed to promote rainwater harvesting in the city, has also failed to set up the facility in its own buildings and properties. Despite the fact that most of its properties lack rainwater harvesting provision, the Municipal Corporation has made it compulsory for all the new properties coming up in the city. When the NMC could not implement this in its own premises how it will compel private property owners to implement the same.

Interestingly, The Nagpur District Planning Committee had announced to provide funds for installation of rain water harvesting in rural areas. But due to inactive people’s representatives and NMC, the city was deprived of the funds for rain water harvesting. Had the DPC funds received hundreds of buildings in Nagpur would have been equipped with the rain water harvesting systems.