Published On : Wed, Nov 12th, 2014

With BJP storming to power, party leaders in race to occupy posts in boards, corporations


With the rise of BJP to power in Maharashtra the rise of aspirations among its leaders for occupying plum posts in different boards and corporations has reached its peak, too. In fact, a tug of war has started and the aspiring leaders are making moves to leave others behind in the race. Some of them have reportedly directly approached the Chief Minister and other top guns for their appointment on the plum posts in boards and corporations ostensibly for their “hard work” in elections.

The appointments in State’s different boards and corporations are done by the ruling political party to accommodate its leaders. Now, the BJP storming to power, the demands for cancelling the appointments done by previous Government and filling up the post with new incumbents have started gaining steam. The leaders, who were denied party tickets in the Assembly election, are now demanding at least the coveted posts in boards and corporations. In their 15-year rule of Congress and NCP, several appointments on these lucrative posts had got stalled owing to internal bickering. This resulted in many disgruntled leaders leaving their parties that ultimately hit Congress and NCP in the elections.

But still some of the Congress and NCP leaders are enjoying the top posts in various boards and corporations such as Vidarbha Statutory Development Board, Maulana Azad Financial Development Corporation, Jyotiba Fuley Backward Class Development Corporation, Wakf Board, MSRTC, MIDC, and other important boards and corporations. The aspiring BJP leaders are now baying for these Congress and NCP leaders’ blood for occupying the plum posts for themselves. And these leaders are knocking the doors of Chief Minister and other top leaders for making way for them before the start of Winter Session in Nagpur. It would now be interesting to see which racing leaders reach the chairs of the coveted posts in the “bountiful’ boards and corporations.