Published On : Sat, Nov 29th, 2014

With BJP in ‘power’, will Spanco be dealt with iron hands now to end consumers’ woes

File Photo of one such agitation led by Nagpur City BJP leaders

File Photo of one such agitation led by Nagpur City BJP leaders


Before the new BJP government came to rein power in the state, BJP leaders were wary of power distributor Spanco Nagpur Discom Limited (SNDL), which functioned on its whims and fancies adding to the woes of power consumers. The day Spanco Company was given responsibility of supplying electricity to most parts of Nagpur, the company has been in the headlines for obnoxious reasons.

At that time the party was in Opposition and now it is in the ruling position, with Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis heading the government. The consumers received, and still receiving, inflated bills. No complaints are redressed. They are paying the exorbitant bills through their nose, with no choice. Either pay or facing snapping of power supply!  Sources said now BJP has the power to stand up, raise its voice and deal with iron hands against the erring power distribution franchise.

The BJP leaders like the then State Unit President Devendra Fadnavis, MLAs Vikas Kumbhare, Krishna Khopde, and others had waged a war against Spanco (SNDL) for harassing the power consumers through various ways and means. The bone of contention for the BJP leaders for waging the battle against the Spanco was forcible installation of faulty power meters, power bills with exorbitant amounts like Rs 6000-8000 to poor consumers, and no solution to the complaints of aggrieved consumers.

The Central Nagpur MLA Vikas Kumbhare of BJP, along with hundreds of “harassed” citizens had stormed the Spanco HQ in Civil Lines in order to resolving their problems. The MLA and the citizens had even resorted to violence and damaged whatever they could touch in a massive way.

However, now the then State Unit President Devendra Fadnavis is now the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Moreover, Nagpur happens to be the hometown of the Chief Minister.

The much awaited time has come. The Winter Session of Maharashtra will begin in Nagpur from December 8, 2014. Of course, this is not the news. The most important news would be – Will the BJP leaders who are on the right side of power, raise the issue in Assembly vociferously. Or will it prove to be “Toothless and Clawless Tigers” just demanding cancellation of agreement with Spanco?

Now, Ajit Pawar, the so called ‘protector of Spanco’ as the Energy Minister, as dubbed by BJP when in opposition, has gone. During Ajit Pawar’s tenure “nobody dared to touch the thick skins of Spanco officials.” But now the situation has changed. The ‘warriors’ are ruling the roost. So will the situation change now?