Published On : Thu, Mar 21st, 2024
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Witch hunt: Animal lovers defame Mumbai man who tried to save his daughter from stray dog attack!


Nagpur/Mumbai: Nowadays, the trend among animal lovers has become such that if something happens, people immediately start posting on social media. They start sharing such things about which they are not even fully aware.

In the instant case, a media report shed a light on how some so-called animal lovers defamed a good person just because he was trying to drive away the dog with a stick in his hand to save his 8-year old daughter in Mumbai.

According to a media report, the incident revolves around Jayesh Desai, a resident of Runwal Elegante building, Andheri West, in Mumbai, who found himself at the centre of controversy after attempting to protect his 8-year-old daughter from a stray dog attack. Upon returning from purchasing ice cream with his daughter, they encountered a street dog that aggressively approached them. In a bid to safeguard his child, Jayesh resorted to using his slipper to deter the dog, but when the threat persisted, he acquired a stick from the society’s watchman to chase the dog away.

Unfortunately, the next day, the dog met with an accident and died, triggering a flurry of accusations against Jayesh by certain individuals claiming to be animal lovers. Despite a thorough investigation by the police, including scrutiny of CCTV footage, Jayesh’s innocence in the dog’s demise was evident. However, the relentless defamation persisted, fuelled by social media outrage.

In response to the baseless allegations, Jayesh reiterated his commitment to animal welfare, highlighting his history of caring for animals, including cows and dogs. He clarified that his actions were solely motivated by the need to protect his daughter and prevent future attacks, citing a previous incident where his daughter was bitten by a stray dog.

The unjust vilification not only targeted Jayesh but also extended to his innocent daughter, who became a victim of online trolling and harassment. The psychological toll on the family, particularly the young girl, has been severe, leading to depression and confinement indoors.

Jayesh expressed his intent to pursue legal action against those responsible for tarnishing his reputation and causing distress to his family. He questioned the hypocrisy of individuals quick to condemn him while remaining silent on countless instances of human negligence leading to harm to animals.

Jayesh also said that 3 months ago his daughter was bitten by a stray dog due to which he had to get her daughter injected. Now, in order to prevent it from biting again, he chased the dog out of the building.

But after this, these alleged animal lovers played a ‘dirty’ game with Jayesh Desai which was very shameful. Jayesh himself is an animal lover very much. He has reared many cows in his cow shed. There are also dogs in his flat. But no one listened to him. Jayesh says that when the stray dog tried to bite his daughter, he got angry and after that the dog also ran away from there.

After this he went back to his building. Now they don’t know who killed the dog. Jayesh says that maybe someone is plotting to trap him. He said that he will file a police case against all those alleged animal lovers for defaming his name and will also file a defamation suit.

Jayesh said that these people are trolling his 8-year old daughter and calling her bad. The girl has become depressed and is no longer going out of the house. He said that alleged some so-called animal lovers are continuously working to defame him and his daughter. Now in such a situation, if anything happens to his daughter or him, these people will be responsible.

Jayesh also says that hundreds of dogs become victims of human negligence, where do these animal lovers go at that time? Do these so-called dog lovers not care at all? Can’t they keep these stray dogs in their house so that no accidents happen, or they don’t bite anyone?

Jayesh said that why does someone keep a stick in his hand when he walks his dog outside? And why does he try to shoo away stray animals when they bark at his pets? Many stray dogs are attacking humans every day. Such news is published daily in the media. His daughter was attacked by a stray dog 3 months ago due to which they had to get the daughter injected, then where were all these animal lovers hiding? He said that people are defaming him by spreading false propaganda while he has not done anything like that. People are unnecessarily conspiring to harass him.

He said that he is a Jain, a pure vegetarian and in Jainism, killing dumb animals is considered a big sin. He said that he has a small stick in my hand, how can he kill a dog with it? Jayesh said that he is being defamed everywhere, these people have made it difficult for me to leave the house. Now in such a situation, if any loss occurs to him or his family, all these people will be responsible, Jayesh stated.

The case of Jayesh Desai underscores the dangers of jumping to conclusions based on incomplete information and highlights the need for responsible use of social media. In a society where justice is often undermined by sensationalism and mob mentality, it is imperative to prioritize evidence-based discourse and uphold the presumption of innocence. Failure to do so not only threatens individual reputations but also perpetuates a culture of unwarranted hostility and injustice.