Published On : Thu, May 21st, 2020

Will You Need A Driving Licence For Self-Driving Cars?


The advancement in technologies has been revolutionary for mankind. From the invention of the wheel to launching the car into space, we have made significant progress. Similarly, the functioning of automobiles has changed over time.

Every year, the automobile manufactures upgrade or launch a new car that offers more comfort and convenience. Companies are looking for ways to make a four-wheeler more fuel-efficient as it is not going to last forever. An alternative to this is an electric car.

Electric self-driven cars are gradually making their way into the automobile market. But the question is whether these cars will be a perfect alternative for fuel-driven vehicles? Does this mean that you will no longer need a driving licence? Well, keep reading to know the answers.

Let us understand the significance of a driving licence

A driving licence is a valuable identity document that you need when purchasing and driving a car. Driving a car without a valid driving licence is a punishable offence. The process of acquiring a driving licence is quite simple.

But before you apply for a permanent driver’s licence, you have to pass a learner’s driving licence test. After a month of acquiring a learner’s licence, you can proceed to apply for a permanent copy by paying nominal driving licence fees. Here, you will have to pass a practice exam (driving a vehicle) to get your hands on the permanent licence.

Driving licence is an identity card that has an embedded chip. This chip is used to store your biometric information. Your name, date of birth, address, photograph, driving licence number, and signature is printed on the smart card. It also provides information on which type of vehicles you are authorised to drive.

You need to have your driving licence with you at all times when driving on Indian roads. It is one of the necessary documents asked by the traffic police along with a car insurance plan, PUC, and registration certificate. Failing to provide any of these documents is punishable by law. You might face hefty penalties under the New Motor Vehicle Act and/or have to serve prison time.

Into The Future

The number of self-driven cars across the world is expected to hit 10 million by the end of the year 2030, and it will only keep increasing after that. Also, it is certain that at some point, the natural resources available to us today will be extinct. Because of this, the rise of electric cars is given.

A More Practical Scenario

It is hard to determine the exact nature of self-driven cars. The most practically accepted scenario is where the cars have a manual override function (autopilot). The driver can switch to this function when it is needed.

However, the person behind the steering needs to have a valid driving licence for the safety of the other passengers. This clearly states that we still will be needing a driving licence in the future. The importance of a driver’s licence will not be diminished even with the rise of self-driven cars.