Published On : Mon, Jul 13th, 2015

Will work to create hassle free work environment for traders : Prakash Mehadia

prakash-mehadiaNagpur: In an exclusive interview with Nagpur Today, newly elected President of Nag Vidarbha Chamber of Commerce Prakash Mehadia who won with 80% vote claimed that as president of the Trade Body, he will strive to ensure that traders in Nagpur will get to do their business without any hassles. He claimed that one of the major concerns of all the traders in India today is the Goods and Service Tax (GST). He added that neither the state nor the Central government is going anything to clarify their stand on this very vital subject. He said that the issue of Local Body Tax (LBT) is coming to an end, however, the state government has not specified an alternate revenue source for the local civic body.

He will represent the traders to demand for a one window system and one uniform tax system all over the country. While elaborating about his intentions and plans, he said that he will discuss them with the executive body of NVCC and will inform the people later. However, he claimed that we will continue some of the plans and actions initiated by the immediate Past President and other previous Presidents of NVCC. He added that he will bring in and unite various trade bodies which are scattered.

Prakash Mehadia also claimed that they are soon going to educate and train the traders to become smart businessmen. They plan to start computer literacy, internet-savvy techniques and other business techniques like how they can earn more by minimizing over-head expenditure, Control of finances, more inventory with less finance, digital trade etc. They plan to start regular training session soon.

The other office-bearers who joined him added that NVCC will jointly work towards ensuring law and order, basic amenities (toilets, drinking water etc) near major shopping areas like Sitabuldi, Itwari etc so that the traders and the customers both are not inconvenienced while buying or selling.