Published On : Thu, Nov 19th, 2015

Will NMC’s firefighting department ever get ‘Turntable Ladder’?

Turntable Ladder

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Nagpur: The uncertainty over acquisition of turntable ladder (TTL) by firefighting department of NMC is still looming just because of self-interested elements in the NMC administration, or more truly because of allegedly corrupt elements in NMC who want to snatch come commission in the deal.

If sources are to be believed, the NMC’s firefighting committee’s prominent member of last year’s executive body had scored a kickback of Rs 50 lakh with the company selling turntable ladder (TTL).

When the news about kickback spread among the firefighting committee members and officials, certain influential office-bearers of the ruling party in the NMC, not missing the profitable opportunity, got that prominent member (also influential office-bearer) immediately replaced by one who was not interested. On the other hand, the NMC commissioner contacted the representative of the seller company and bargained for firefighting equipment/ accessories worth Rs 30 lakh instead of offering commission (kickback) to any one, as there was no such need.

Amidst such a mess, the influential office-bearer has allegedly demanded Rs 50 lakh in the name of party fund from the TTL selling company. The said influential office-bearer has allegedly received an assurance that he would be made a candidate by the BJP leaders during ensuing election in December month. Thus, the influential office-bearer has played his card to ensure his candidature.

It is alleged that the standing committee members and officials are too interested in obtaining their share of commission in the purchase of TTL. With such developments the TTL selling company is in a state of dilemma.

The company will have distribute about Rs 1.5 crore as commission to all interested, which would be impossible for the company. It is thus clear that the TTL device cannot be obtained by NMC without enjoying commission. How sad are the affairs of NMC if all said happens to be true!