Published On : Thu, Jun 18th, 2020

Will I get banned for buying YouTube likes?

The building, designing, developing, and creating videos for your YouTube channel is a lot of work. This means there are tons of things to worry about when creating your channel’s authority, and as much as possible, you need all the help you can get.

It is expected that before starting your channel, you should have gone through the YouTube terms of service and digested it, so you know the rules not to break, you know the ones to tweak to your advantage, and you know the ones that have trended negatively and become pure MYTH!!!

So regarding this question, “will you get banned for buying YouTube likes?“… There are three answers to this; the good news, the bad news, and the great news.

First, the good news:
In one word, NO! You will NOT get banned for buy YouTube likes. You, getting banned for buying real YouTube likes means what you purchased were not real.

You need YouTube likes to boost your page, so acquiring, buying, or soliciting (whatever type of English you call it) is expected and not new. But before you go rushing off to any site and purchasing bot likes, listen to the other news.


The Bad news:
In one word, YES! You will most definitely get banned if you buy ROBOT likes, fake robot likes from machines that are not human. Even if they are cyborgs, you will damage your YouTube channel and get it banned, so you need to buy ONLY real human likes.

As it states in the YouTube terms of service, buying promotional services such as likes, views, or subscribers is perfectly legal and would never hurt your channel if the services are rendered by genuine users and not fakes.

The Great news:
We at Stormviews are an authentic, 100 percent, and real human YouTube likes rendering website. Let me break that down… our job is to provide services that promote and boost your YouTube channel using real social accounts.

We generate real genuine likes for the YouTube channels of our clients and customers. We deliver them professionally as quickly a time as possible with no unnecessary delays or gimmicks.

We are available round the clock. If you ever need our help with any issue, we have 24/7 customer care reps available to handle your requests or answer your questions at any time of the day or night.

So to recap all we just discussed:

DO buy YouTube likes for your channel as it is highly beneficial and is a real business booster.

DO NOT buy fake YouTube views from counterfeit websites that only use robots, and there are a lot of phony view givers out there, you would not know them until your account gets banned.

DO buy views from only legitimate sites like Stormviews. You can start by getting 100 likes for $9.99 and working your way up gradually. Only your YouTube video’s URL link is needed, and unlike other websites, your password is not needed

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