Published On : Tue, Nov 8th, 2016

Will Hillary create History or Trump triumph? America votes in a few hours!

Washington: This could be the most crucial, significant and memorable election in USA ever. Also the one with most ridiculous campaigning and most hate filled speeches, where for the first time ever the two official candidates of America’s mainstream parties Democratic and Republican, refused to even shake hands with each other as they stood together on the podium in the 2nd and 3rd national debates.

Today, Americans will make a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for its 45th President.

Till few days, winds were clearly blowing in the direction of Hillary who seemed to be on a safe and sure home run, but the decision to ‘investigate’ Hillary’s e mail communications again put the spanner in the works for her, much to Trump’s glee. Then two days before voting that decision by its investigating agency was suddenly rescinded – so it was advantage Hillary again!

If she wins, her victory will create a number of firsts –

  • She will be the first ever woman President of the world’s biggest democracy, USA.
  • She will be the first spouse of President to become President. So Bill Clinton, one of America’s most loved and also most controversial former presidents will go live in the White House again – as the first, First Man!
  • No party has ever won a consecutive 3 rd term victory as the Democratic party will.

This election has also become an ‘international tamasha’ almost with the dramatic stance taken by Donald Trump that he “will not accept the results if he does not win”.

This is one American presidential election where the whole world will be voting – mentally! Most first world nations, like European nations, specially UK have made their disdain for Trump public.

On the other hand, at a personal level, many men, specially the masochistic variety, do not want Hillary, a fiercely independent woman, to win. Trump meanwhile, with his videos on the subject of women has become an object of Hate almost among all feminists world wide.

These 2016 elections are therefore more interesting and significant even than the elections in which Obama was elected as the first African American (Black) President of the USA. Ironically he had defeated Hillary in the Democratic primaries to be selected as the party’s official candidate. Now he and his wife Michelle are Hillary’s strongest supporters.

Strange are the ways of politics indeed – all the more so when they happen in the world’s most watched nation!!!