Will farmers really be able to avail the benefit of loan waiver?


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Nagpur: The announcement of loan waiver made by the state government recently, seems to be a fake promise after evaluation of the whole scenario. Although, the state administration had concurred for the waiver after being pressurised by loan suppressed farmers and political groups supporting them, the government seems to be dodging the same.

Going through a tough financial situation, the government had unwillingly agreed for the waiver. It seems that in order to maintain its revenue, the ‘broke’ government has taken support of online registration for loan waiver. The government, even after knowing that farmers are not educated and skilled to carry their online registrations, has ordered for the same. It is being anticipated that as a result, several peasants will not be able to enrol for the loan renunciation. As result of this smart move, the failure, in turn, will save a fortune for the government.

It is also to be mentioned that the state government has all the data required for renunciation. The same states that online registration was not at all required to be made mandatory. It is now to be seen how many farmers are actually able to avail the benefit of this so called ‘loan waiver’ assured by the state government.