Published On : Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015

Will bring about positive changes and ensure proper implementation of existing systems: CP S P Yadav



Nagpur: The new Commissioner of Police S P Yadav, while addressing a press conference at Nagpur Police Gymkhana, apologized for not speaking to the media personnel the day he arrived to take charge since he did not know anything about the city, the police, the crime scenario etc and would have been unable to comment on anything so he did not speak.

Nagpur Commissioner of Police S P Yadav said that before starting his tenure at Nagpur, he had a series of meeting with police officials of different ranks. First he held a meeting with all senior police officials with included Joint Commissioner of Police, Additional Commissioner of Police, Deputy Commissioners etc. This was followed by the Assistant Commissioners of Police, Police-Station In-charges of all Police Stations in the city. He claimed that the team of senior police officials listened and recorded all the grievances, troubles whether it be administrative, personal or other crime related problems and grievances, they were listened to and recorded. The top cop has assured to redress whatever problems and grievances that can be redressed.


While explaining that he has had prior experiences of Metro region only and that this is the first time he is in Nagpur. However, he said that one has to function and function well during their tenure.

Effective functioning at Police Station level

He claimed that he will certainly bring about changes in the working style of the cops. To start with, he claimed that there are many people who visit the Police Commissioner’s office to get their grievances redressed through higher police officials, he claimed that if people get their cases registered and their grievances redressed at the police station level well, they will have no need to approach higher police officials to get their grievances redressed.

This also means that all the police stations should function well, perform their duties with sincerity, enforce the rules and regulations well in their jurisdiction and behave with the citizens in a courteous manner. He has also asked the Police Inspectors that they should ensure the safety and security of every law-abiding citizens, senior citizens, women and girls in their jurisdiction.

DSC_8467Goondaism will not be tolerated

The top cop also said that goondaism will not be tolerated at all. He claimed that he has made it very clear to all the police officials that any type of goondas, goons, offenders will not be spared. The cops of the city have been directed not to spare any goons of any kind. While answering to a question on growing incidents of violent crimes and gangs coming up, he said that if anyone points a gun at the cops, the pistols given by the government is not for show but for using and we’ll not think twice in using our weapons.

Positive criticism welcomed

The Top Cop of Nagpur claimed that he welcomes all positive criticism and has assured that no grudges or revengeful attitude will be shown by the cops on them.

He claimed that serving and ensuring the safety of the citizens is their main priority.

Crime Record

The new Commissioner of Police claimed that the crime record is the same and has not shown any increase. However, he also agreed that the statistics are not always true. However, he did agree that there are problems and needs to be looked into.

Criminal Police nexus: Mend it or Bend it!

New Commissioner of Police S P Yadav claimed that he is not in a position to comment on what has happened earlier. However, he did agree that there are a few black-sheep in every organization, so the police department also has its fair share of black sheep in every department at every rank. He claimed that he has ordered that such black sheep will be identified, reprimanded and if need be even removed from the police force.

The top cop agreed that the police does not have a very good reputation and has somehow lost the trust on the cops. He has ordered the cops to re-establish their credibility at all ranks and at every police station.

Will ensure that existing established systems works well in 

While answering to a question on what new systems or methods he is intending to introduce in order to ensure citizens’ safety, he said that he is not going to add any new system. He is just going to ensure that the existing established systems are executed and adhered to properly. He claimed that the new 17 Maruti Ertiga Patrolling vehicles are not for patrolling alone, the vehicles will soon be fitted with the GPS. This will ensure that as soon as any citizen makes a distress calls to the control room, the nearest patrol vehicle will be dispatched to the spot ensuring a quick response. He added that this may take some time but will be enforced soon.

While answering to another question on how the dangerous and dreaded criminals have surrendered to the police stations or the court, instead of the cops investigating and apprehending them, the top cop said that he is not in a position to comment on the events of the past. He will ensure that the Detective Branch (DB Squad) of every police station functions well and performs all investigations to the best of their capacities.

Police officials performing well will soon be awarded

The top cop claimed that the old system of awarding cops for their performance which was suspended in the last two years will be restarted. Best Investigating officer and officer apprehending dangerous and dreaded criminals will be awarded soon to sustain their performance and as an incentive to perform better. He claimed that there is barely staff of about 500 cops to man and manage the traffic of the city with its huge number of vehicles. He called this meaningless

Nagpur has a record of four lakhs criminals

The top cop claimed that the overall statistics of Maharashtra State says that the number of criminals is one crore and 10 lakhs, while the figures of Nagpur is four lakhs criminals. He claimed that there is a spurt in the white collared crimes. In most of these cases, the problem arises in the recovery of the stolen or swindled money.

Additional Commissioner of Police (South Region) Deepak Pande, Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime) Shrikant Tarawade and Joint Commissioner of Police Anup Kumar Singh were also present during the first press conference addressed by the new Commissioner of Police S P Yadav.