Published On : Thu, May 10th, 2018

Will be doing more pressers unlike PM: Rahul

Bengaluru: Congress president Rahul Gandhi today that he enjoyed meeting the press in Bengaluru and would be holding more press conferences. @RahulGandhi enjoyed meeting the regional & national press today in Bengaluru. We had a packed house! I’m sorry not everyone got a chance to ask a question due to the paucity of time. But, unlike our PM who hasn’t had a press conference in 4 yrs., I will be doing many more of these!

At the press conference Rahul Gandhi said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s attack on him declaring his prime ministerial ambitions was aimed at distracting attention. “This election is not about Rahul,” the Congress president said. “I have now learnt to deal with the prime minister. When he can’t respond, he distracts,” Gandhi told reporters after winding up his extensive tour of poll-bound Karnataka.

Gandhi was responding to Modi’s scathing attack on him after he declared his prime ministerial ambition. At his election rallies, Modi had wondered whether the country will ever accept such an “immature and naamdar (famous)” leader for the post. He also said Modi sees a ‘threat’ in him. “Modi has anger inside… he has anger for everybody, not just me …and sees a threat in me,” Gandhi said. Expressing confidence that the Congress would win the assembly polls in Karnataka on May 12, he said the opposition had restricted itself to making personal attacks during the campaign.