Published On : Mon, Mar 23rd, 2020

Why social distancing is important- Dr.Juhi Gupta

A graphic which shows how social distancing can reduce the spread of coronavirus. Credit: Dr Robin Thompson/ University of Oxford

Suppose in the situation of lockdown you go outside to your friends place for a lunch. Your friend is 41 years old.

No comorbidities. Has a history of previous traveling.



3rd March- travel to Vashi in cab for wedding. 1500 guests at wedding, no-one had h/o foreign travel as per your friend.


4th March- return back to nagpur by same cab. Taxi driver questioned- no h/o airport pickup/foreigner traveller in month of February.

Your friend is Asymptomatic means having no flu like symptoms.

-6th March- travel to amravati for meeting. Unknown number of contacts there.
-7th March- asymptomatic.
-8th March- sore throat, dry cough. No relief with inhalation and gargles. Was at home all day.
-9th March- felt unwell, feverish, visited local GP at xyz Clinic. Many patients and 1 receptionist at clinic waiting room, along with doctor. Doctor advised symptomatic treatment.
-10th- cough increased, stayed at home.
-11th- felt marginally better.
-12th March- travel to gondia in a jeep car. Came in contact with 10 women, 1 man and 8 children. Visited grandparents place (contact-grandmother , grandfather, and 2 cousin)
Returned home in jeep car.
-13th March- travelled again to amravati for some work . Felt shortness of breath. Travelled back by public BUS.
-14th March- visited xyz Clinic- again. Many patients+ receptionist+ Doctor. Symptomatic treatment advised, no relief.
-15th March- relatives visited her at home. Couldn’t complete sentences due to breathlessness.
-16th March, 11am- admitted at near by hospital.

Taken there by mother and other relatives and rickshaw driver.

Clinic room contacts- asst doctor, 2 nurses. Xray technician. Admitted in ICU BED 201, Chest xray suggestive of viral pneumonia. Started on antibiotics + antiviral.
Worsening breathing so shifted to government hospital on 16th March night.

Admitted at government hospital on 16th night in isolation ward of ICU. initially maintained oxygen saturation on O2 by nasal prongs. Chest xray bilateral fluffy infiltrates most likely viral infection. Started on antibiotics + antiviral oseltamivir.

Swab sent for H1N1 to NIV on 17th March morning. Came back negative.
19th night, gradual clinical worsening.
20th March 9.30am- elective intubation and on ventilator since then.

Got email from NIV on 20th afternoon that your friend has tested positive for COVID-19.

This is example to make you understand how one patient, creating minimum 100 pts

This is community spread. We have to stop this by staying at home.

Don’t go outside untill n unless very important.

By Dr.Juhi Gupta