Published On : Wed, Jan 22nd, 2014

Why should infants suffer?


Nagpur Today: While the winter weather offers some families the chance to enjoy all kinds of fun, others who come under the have-nots have to face innumerable problems. One has to remember that hypothermia can occur in low temperatures if conditions are damp and windy. Babies, infants and the elderly are at highest risk.

With the mercury plunging every other day, most of the denizens in the city are seen attired in warm clothing. Families avoid going out unless they have a car to go out in. Yet, the city has many have-nots who have to carry their babies and infants out to their place of work. Throughout the day when the weather is pretty warm, the kids and infants play here and there. However with the dusk and the cold weather showing its effect, these kids find a suitable place near the mother or some sheltered place where they can feel warm and cosy.


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The political parties have cornered AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal over the insufficient number of Rain Basera (night shelters) in Delhi. Ironically, in the process, the leaders of so called experienced parties forgot to focus upon the similar initiative in the states respectively ruled by them. Moreover, in the winter capital of Maharashtra – our Nagpur, there is no concept of Rain Basera. Nor did any leader of any political party or NMC administration ever expressed a bit of concern about lending such a support to the hordes of homeless people in the city. Helplessly, these people have to spend nights on footpaths or under the flyovers. They are eventually forced to fend for themselves in the open. A small step in this concern could be of big help to these homeless people. It’s high time the BJP ruled NMC should pay serious concern towards it.