Published On : Mon, Oct 8th, 2012

Why no drive to save Indian lion? – Lokmat times

Tigers came into the country from China but the Indian lion is an animal from the country itself yet there have been not efforts to save this rear species, said a senior wildlife conservationist Maruti Chitampalli, while addressing a gathering at the conclusion ceremony of the forest department’s wildlife week.
Chitampalli added that a massive part of the forests department’s machinery has been diverted towards save the tiger campaign which has been vigorously promoted but no attention is paid towards saving the lion. He believed that it is our responsibility to make efforts to save not just one animal but conserve nature as a whole.
Chitampalli further stated that there is no provision in the forest law to issue certificates to the sarpamitras yet more than 800 such certificates have been issued in Nagpur and 250 in Navegaon.
Vice-chancellor of Maharashtra State Agriculture and Fisheries Sciences University Dr A K Mishra presided over the event. Whereas principal chief conservator of forests A K Joshi and S W H Naqvi were present as special guests.
Dr Mishra in his address said that it is high time that efforts to save nature from exploitation are made at war-footing.
Later shedding light on the number of vultures in the country at present PCCF Naqvi informed that in the past 25 years hardly 10 per cent of the original number of vultures are left in the country. Owing to the alarming situation of rapid decline in number of endangered species citizens now need to wake up to the gloomy scenario prevailing in country’s forests. Family members of a forest guard of the Nagzira reserve Late Sukhdev Chakate who had lost his life in the line of duty were given Rs. 1.21 lakh.
An employee of the Seminary Hills nursery Gunvatta Kharvade was also given Rs. 5,000 in cash and a certificate of excellence. Later the team of forest guards and officials who had exposed a racket of selling cobra venom, operated by a group of sarpamitras, were also acknowledged at the programme.
A cultural programme was also organised on the occasion with presentations from groups of school children.