Published On : Thu, Nov 19th, 2020

Why no disclosure of political parties contributing to CM relief Fund ? 

RTI appeals turned down by CM Relief Fund Cell 

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has been appealing for huge financial assistance from the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund to fight Corona pandemic, his office is reluctant to brief whether political parties coming forward on this appeal or not. When asked about this under Right to Information, the Chief Minister’s office is not keen to inform about the contribution of the political party. RTI activist Anil Galgali has been informed by the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund cell saying that such information will interfere with personal details and donors personal affairs to a third party. 

On May 15, 2020, RTI activist Anil Galgali had approached the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund office for information about the contribution made by various political parties under during Covid 19. Public information officer Milind Kabadi said that it is forbidden to give such information as it includes personal details. This will interfere with the donors third party private affairs. This information is not compiled and providing such content by the office will dilute its purpose. 

This type of transaction takes place in the CM Relief Fund on a daily basis and the their information get stored at the UTR number level, therefore, it is not possible to ascertain the names of donors. The first appeal filed by Anil Galgali on 1st June, 2020 was heard on 9th November, 2020. The first appellate officer and Assistant director Subhash Nagap did not think it was proper to give information. 

According to Anil Galgali, the information provided by the political parties under to fight covid pandemic are not provided either by the Prime Minister’s Care Fund, nor the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Galgali felt that when political parties are aware about this, the Chief Minister’s secretariat did not bother to seek their consent by sending letters to the concerned political parties. Anil Galgali has now demanded that the relevant information be made available on the website by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray.