Published On : Mon, Aug 17th, 2020

Why India vs Pakistan Is The Most Heated Rivalry In Sport

Rivalries are something that sport needs to ensure that there is maximum attention on games, and it can be argued that there is no rivalry in world sport that comes close to that of the rivalry between India and Pakistan. Of course, football has rivalries such as Barcelona vs Real Madrid, and England vs Germany, but in comparison, it is no-contest against the animosity between India and Pakistan.

When India comes up against Pakistan in the cricket, all eyes of the world are on the action. The intensity is clear for all to see, and no matter whether it is a test match or ODI, there are bound to be fireworks in equal measure regardless. Even people that don’t typically watch cricket will tune in to watch these two heavyweights go at it, while it is also an extremely popular fixture to bet on. You can learn all about the odds offered at But, why is it such a huge rivalry?

Reason For The Rivalry

All intense international rivalries stem back from tense relations between two countries, and that is no different with the rivalry between Pakistan and India. The rivalry stems back from a bitter diplomatic relationship and conflict between the two countries in the Pakistani Wars and Kashmir Conflict. Add to this that both countries are intense in their love for the sport of cricket, and one of the most heated rivalries has been born.

History Of Tests

The very first meeting between the two countries on the cricket field came back in 1952 as India welcomed Pakistan to the country. The test was played over five games, with three of them resulting in draws. India were able to claim the victory over their famous rivals in this first meeting between the two sides, with the success in the third test being the crucial moment. India won by ten wickets in that test, which was played between the 13th and 16th November, with Vijay Hazare top-scoring for the hosts as he scored 146 runs.

However, tensions between the two countries have meant that there haven’t been many tests played between the countries, with no meetings between the sides between 1962 and 1977. However, when the two countries have met, they have often come outside their respective countries, with matches played in the United Arab Emirates and tournaments such as the One Day International series.

Pressure On Players To Perform

The matches between these two sides clearly have more riding on them than most matches, which is evident by the players’ attitudes on the pitch. In their mind, losing is simply not an option. More pressure is put on players from both sides from fans as they threaten extreme action if their team loses. However, the matches between the sides also offer a middle ground for both countries to ease their stance. Heads of states and fans have often traveled with the team to the other country to watch the matches, which has led to an improved relationship, which is largely down to India and Pakistan’s shared love of cricket.

Recent Meetings

Pakistan have a better record than India in two of the three forms of the sport, as they have recorded more test and ODI wins. However, India have recorded the most victories in T20I. The most recent meeting between the two sides came in the 2019 Cricket World Cup, with India claiming a third successive victory against Pakistan in the ODI format. India won by 89 runs at Old Trafford, with Rohit Sharma scoring an impressive 140 runs. The rivalry will remain one of the most enthralling in sport for the remainder of history, and fans of the sport will be counting down the days until they can see these famous two sides go head to head once again.