Published On : Fri, Mar 6th, 2020

Why Are Only Women Subjected To Criticism & Trolling On Bold Scenes.??? Anangsha Biswas

Actresses in the B-Town, as well as OTT and TV screens, often face trolls for their steamy scenes, beyond trolls they are shamed for their choices and appearances on the screen. People often forget that their characters on screens are fictitious and a mere representation of the present scenario. It is often spectated that women aren’t spared from being called numerous obnoxious tags. One such furiously bold and strong actress is Mirzapur starrer Anangsha Biswas, she voiced her concern about this unfairness and about how the misogynistic ideology keeps growing amongst the viewers. She had a few important questions for her fans and viewers that do state how patriarchal we are!

The question is simple,
“Why do women always face trolls for the bold scenes and men go Scott free?
Why aren’t the male actors subjected to the same kind of humiliation?”
Why are intimate scenes made such a big deal?

She shared her views on the same, It is necessary to adopt a more progressive outlook on gender, understand that an intimate scene is as tough and challenging as a fight sequence.

She also added she doesn’t take both trolling and adulation seriously but the gender biasedness is something that she would like to make a positive change in.

On the work front, she has been a renowned performer in drama series “Maaya 2” opposite Priyal Gor, Leena Jumanji, and Pranav Sachdev also has appeared in a number of short films including “Andheri and Nine”. Anangsha hasn’t limited her talent with just small screen, even gained credits for films like “Khoya Khoya Chand” a romantic flick starring Soha Ali Khan, Shiney Ahuja, and Rajat Kapoor, “Luv Shuv tey Chicken Khurana” and “Benny Baboo”. She is known for taking up quirky characters and delivering them with finesse. Anangsha will be soon seen in Mirzapur 2 with her spellbinding character “Zarina” in a stronger role. Her performances have often been an eye-opener for the society, let’s hope this one brings in a drastic change in the mentalities.