Published On : Thu, Feb 13th, 2014

Who has the right to moral police the city streets and gardens?

Nagpur Today: Though Nagpur Today does not advocate public demonstration of affection, we would certainly decry and flay all those elements who under the garb of preventing western invasion of our traditions, culture and religious tenets.

Who has given the cohorts of certain political party who gang up and visit gardens and streets of the city and hassle young couples who are walking or sitting talking to each other. In several incidents that took place in the city, these hooligans made the young boys do sit ups holding their ears, while their partners (girls) were humiliated by being called names. This action by these hooligans definitely tantamounts to public humiliation. What if the boy or the girl is not mentally strong and commit suicide after being subjected to such public humiliation, shouldn’t these hooligans be booked under section 302 of IPC or under the section that defines aiding and abetting suicide.

If these hooligans claim that celebrating Valentine’s Day is western  invasion of Indian culture and religious tenets, then they should start changing their attire. As mentioned in various religious texts, they should start wearing Dhoti and Kurta, start wearing Langots instead of fancy under garments and should study only Sanskrit and Hindi.  They should not send their children to fancy convents and public schools. They should avoid all those things that the western innovations and scientific advancements have given us. They should in fact travel in Bullock Cart instead of fancy cars and motorcycles, since they also had come from western countries.

If not some of the things can be accepted while some are not is pure hypocrisy.

Another thing that is haunting the youth of the city who called us and opined that, where are the police when these hooligans go about insulting the youth blatantly and hindering them from enjoying one of their rights (Right to freedom of speech) given to them by the Constitution of India.

At some other place, these activists of a particular party burnt the Valentine Day Cards etc. This is probably just the small trailer of what is to come on Valentine’s Day.

By Samuel Gunasekharan